7 Traditions Denominations Will Not Give Up

Denominations are man-made organizations that try to force the way they see things in the Word on those that belong to them. They have come into existence because of the world system that we live in. The Church of God is a living organism, not an organization. But to function in the world, we are forced to adopt some of the worldly procedures. This has led to the church becoming like another business or club. In many cases, we have taken principles in the Word and twisted them to suit our organization. 

1st Tradition 

Paying of Tithes

2nd Tradition 

Church Membership

3rd Tradition 

Emphasis on Church Meetings

4th Tradition 

Compulsory Education Or Bible School Training for Ministers

5th Tradition 

Statements Of Faith

6th Tradition 

The Pastor As A Super Hero

7th Tradition 

Church Buildings

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