7 Facts Most Doctors Ignore

1st Fact

That Sickness and Disease are caused by Sin and Satan, not Germs and Viruses. There was no sickness until Adam and Eve sinned in the Garden.

2nd Fact

That medicine cannot heal – it only helps the body heal itself. All healing comes from the spirit, because when the spirit leaves the body dies.

3rd Fact

That Jesus paid the price for our sicknesses as well as our sins on Calvary. We are saved by His shed blood, and healed by the wounds in His body.

4th Fact

That healing is the bread of the children and is freely offered to all believers. God is moved by faith, and even unbelievers can tap into this by showing faith in Him.

5th Fact

That Jesus still heals today. There is more than enough evidence for this, even though many deny it.

6th Fact

That it is never the will of God for us to be sick. Jesus proved this by healing everyone who came to Him.

7th Fact

That family generation illnesses are not passed down through our genes. They are passed down spiritually.

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