You Need Transformation

Every single person living in this world has been through similar experiences. And at the end, each one has been left with both positive and negative effects caused by those experiences.

We live in a sinful, selfish world, so no matter where you were born, or how you were raised, you will have encountered people who treated you badly and caused negative feelings to come up.

But the time periods in our lives where the most of these happens is always the same. This is because we all have to go through formative periods as part of our journey to adulthood and maturity.

Three Time Periods

Your first experience of conflict or difficulty often starts way back when you were still in your mother’s womb. Although you were hidden from the world, you were still sensitive to what was happening in your mother and in the world around you.

A child can sense already while in the womb whether it is welcome and desired, or a nuisance and not desired. Already back there you were able to sense what it was like to be loved and accepted or despised and rejected.

Later after birth during the stages of childhood further experiences leave their mark on you. The way you are treated by your parents, siblings and others, creates in you memories that stay with you for life.

The final stage is the period from puberty, through adolescence to young adulthood. This ranges from around 11 to the early twenties, but occurs mostly in the teen years.

And this brings a new set of circumstances and memories as you become more self-aware.

The problem with memories is that they do not only hold the pictures of the events that took place. They also hold all the emotions and feelings – both positive and negative that came with those events.

Triggers to Past Events

Later in life, those memories can be triggered by similar circumstances and events, often causing painful memories to return in full force. And when they come up, they bring with them all those negative feelings again.

The main problem with the hurts and bad experiences during these periods is that they can never be revisited or repaired in the natural. You may live many years before your life is over, but those three main periods in your life set the stage for the kind of life you will live until you die.

Psychologists, doctors and scientists have tried in vain to fix these problems. And often the best they can do is damage the memories using a process called shock therapy. This involves passing a strong electric current through the brain to cause seizures that destroy parts of the memory.

Since the memory no longer surfaces, the pain that goes with it is less. But this is far from healing or restoration.

Others resort to prescribing drugs which dull the brain to once again prevent painful memories from surfacing.

But none of these get to the root cause of the problems caused, and we continue suffer the effects of our bad experiences in life.

It Takes Transformation

Only God has a solution to the problems caused by the events of our past. He is the One who made man and knows how to bring healing to these parts of our psyche.

But nothing is automatic, and we need to seek His face to receive that healing power and the transformation that goes with it.

Fortunately God is raising up men and women who have made themselves available to Him to help bring release and healing to those who are still suffering the effects of their past.

He is raising up ministries that bring healing to the inner man, as well as the outer man. And He is manifesting His power in healing gifts that work specifically in the inward parts of our being.

The Transformation Seminar

We recently held a seminar dedicated to this subject where we taught on this subject and released the healing power of the Holy Spirit towards those whose lives have been damaged by their past experiences.

Over a full weekend, we spoke the Word of God to those who attended and prayed over them, releasing God’s healing power. And many experienced a powerful healing and transformation.

You can view some of the responses of those who attended, both in video format and in written reviews. They are available at the following web address:

Because of the miraculous results that we received from this seminar, we have decided to continue offering ministry in this direction. So we will be continuing to minister on the subject of healing and transformation into the future.

Weekly Meetings

From now on during our weekly meetings on a Sunday we will be ministering to those who still carry hurts that need healing. This will be offered both via the teaching of the Word, and personal prayer ministry to those who come.

You are welcome to join us at 10.30am each Sunday at our ministry center in Edleen, Kempton Park, Gauteng if you live nearby and can attend. But for those who live at a distance, the messages will be captured into camera and made available online for all to see.

We look forward to seeing you there either live or in the Spirit.

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