Esther As a Model Of The Spiritual Life

The book of Esther is an unusual book because it does not mention God anywhere in the book and there are no spiritual or doctrinal teachings that are obvious.

But when the book is seen as an allegory of the spiritual life, it explodes with powerful Biblical truth and in fact, gives a complete picture of the most important aspects of the spiritual life of believers in Christ.

The teaching presented in this short book gives you simple pictures on which to hang all the main principles involved in coming to the Lord, living a life in the Spirit and overcoming the attacks of the enemy.

Chapter Titles

1 - Background to the Book
2 - Allegory of Salvation
3 - What the Flesh Looks Like
4 - How the Flesh Works
5 - How to Expose the Flesh
6 - How to Trap the Flesh
7 - How Sin is Exposed
8 - How God Deals With Sin
9 - Moving into Victory
10 - Rejoicing in the Lord

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