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We offer our ministry freely, but it costs us to keep this going. We need YOU to help us extend the Kingdom of God into the earth by partnering with us in the work.

All we ask of you is that you commit to making a small monthly payment to support this ministry, and we will then have the resources to offer you EVERYTHING that is available on this website. The value of this cannot be estimated, because it is not just a matter of the cost of our books and resources. 

It Means You Have Access To All We Have to Offer

As a member, you will have continual access to ALL the resources on this website. 

This will give you continual access to a study and ministry resource, which you will find invaluable in your ministry. You will be able to read on any subject that has been taught, which covers a HUGE amount of material given over a long period of time.

You will be able to not only watch Apostle Les and Associates on video, but also pick up the anointing that is contained in those messages.

As a Partner, you will helping Les and his team as they prepare to reach out to the nations with these truths. And you will become a partaker of the blessings that God provides. You will also get access to Les, Daphne and the team for personal ministry.

If you become a Full Partner you will have all of the above, plus full access to ALL courses in ALL of our online schools. 

You Get To Keep Some of the Materials

We offer monthly download credits also to our partners, in addition to full access to everything online. That way you can download ebooks, mp3 audio files and mp4 video files and take them with you to read, listen to and watch at your leisure.

You could be enjoying our studies on your phone or mobile even if you do not have an internet connection.

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Try It For a Month

If you are already a subscriber, then you have already been given access to several free resources, to get a taste of what is being offered. Now you can gain access to EVERYTHING freely for a full month for as little as $25.00. Considering how much you would pay to purchase these materials, this is an unbelievable offer.

By completing a membership subscription you will be given full access to all materials on this website for a full month once we receive your first support offering. Then you will automatically be deducted a monthly charge according to your commitment at the same time each month unless you cancel.

You will also be able to download one or more of our materials right away, depending on your commitment.

You may cancel this at any time if you no longer wish to remain a member/partner. 

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If you would prefer to make a contribution each month of what you can afford, why not write us using the feedback page and tell us how you would like to partner with us. We will then consider releasing all the materials to you without a fixed monthly commitment.

Direct Bank Deposit

Instead of making payment online, you could deposit or wire amounts directly into our Bank of America account. Contact us for our bank details and we will be happy to provide you with these. 

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Buy Them Instead

If you wish to rather buy these materials, you may do so at our bookshop at http://www.gbm-bookshop.com. This would allow you to download the ebooks and read them on your computer at your leisure. 


Becoming A Partner In The Work

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