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Overcoming Curses

How do you deal with curses and remove them? Firstly you need to be aware of the existence of the curse and recognize its presence. To do this you simply need to look for the signs or elements of a curse.

Have things started to go wrong? Maybe your car starts to break down or you keep dropping glasses and crockery and breaking them.

Perhaps somebody injured themselves this week. There is bickering and fighting going on in the home and everyone is getting on one another's nerves.

Look for the signs of a curse. Something is wrong. You do not have to become paranoid about it, but when these things start popping up again and again, you need to sit up and take notice.

Say, "Hold it, this is the second time this has happened this week. What is going on?"

When you see the signs of the curse, then you need to start finding out where and how that curse entered in, and you need to deal with it.

Identifying a Curse

The first thing you need to ask yourself is this.

"Is it me oh Lord, standing in the need of prayer? Where did I blow it? What did I do? Where did I open the door?

Did I violate God's commands? Did I get involved in something that God forbade? Did I give in to the temptation to read that horoscope 'just for fun'?"

You might have opened the door, so you need to deal with the personal sin in your life first. Ask yourself,

"Have I spoken a curse upon myself? Instead of speaking blessing and speaking the good, have I used my tongue to release forces into the earth to create the negative?"

You might have said something like this.

"We are never going to get out of this problem. I think it's just going to become worse. There's pain in my body and I can just see it's going to get worse. I know it; I expect it to."

You have created the very thing that you did not want. Why? Because you have not walked in faith and you have not walked in obedience to the Word. You have not been saying,

"My God says this. I believe it and I'm standing on the Word."

Perhaps you are not walking in love. Perhaps you have allowed bitterness to enter your heart.

You have become angry with someone. They hurt you badly and you will not let it go. You are blocking the blessing of God in your life and you are opening the door to a curse.

The Law of Judgment

There is something that the Bible calls the Law of Judgment. Jesus said,

Judge not, that you are not judged. For with the same measure that you use it shall be measured back to you again.

Your wife may start acting like everything you always hated in your mother. Or your husband may start behaving like the arrogant, horrible things you saw in your father.

If you see these things happening, sit up and take note, because the judgment you made on your parents is coming back on you. It is the law of judgment.

As you speak forth judgment on someone, the Scripture says that with the same measure that you use, the judgment that you made is coming right back at you.

As you place your judgment on others, and as you speak negatively and speak curses on them, it will come right back at you. You need to be very careful.

The Lord also said that if you come to pray and your brother has something against you, you must go and sort it out. If you have something against your brother, you must also go and sort it out. You might say to me,

"So who should go first, him or me?"

Well if one of you upset the other, do you know where you should meet? If he lives on one end of the street and you live at the other end of the street, then you should be meeting half way.

No matter whose fault it was, both of you are responsible to sort it out. So perhaps you think about it and you conclude,

"Yes, it is my fault."

That being the case, then you need to go and sort it out. But perhaps you come to he conclusion,

"Well it's his fault."

Even if that is the case, you are still responsible to sort it out. You see whether it is his fault or yours, you are responsible to go and sort it out.

There is no excuse, if there is bitterness, conflict, strife and division in the Body of Christ, you come under a curse. That is what Paul was speaking about at the Lord's table when he said,

If we judge ourselves we would not be judged.

But we are judged because we eat and drink unworthily, not discerning the Lord's body; not realizing that those are members of the Body that I am in conflict with.

You must deal with it and put it to sleep, otherwise you will come under a curse. You are opening the door to evil and to strife and you must shut it off.

Breaking Family Generations

Breaking of family generations is slightly different. To clear your spirit you need to obey James 4:7 which says,

Submit yourselves therefore to God; resist the devil and he will flee from you.

It is a case of saying,

"Father I submit myself wholly to you now in spirit, soul and body. I give myself completely to you. And now Satan, in the name of Jesus I come against every influence, every family generation link, and every power that you have tried to bring upon me through the sins of my forefathers.

I renounce them and have nothing to do with them and I cut that cord. I break every link now and I separate my spirit in Jesus' name."

It is that simple. There is nothing complicated about it, but it must be spoken verbally as a declaration into the earth. It must be done with words. Do not sit and pray in your mind. The devil cannot hear you. You must speak words out loud.

Now that your spirit is free however, you must keep it that way. Family generations, like all other contaminations, are something that you need to address continually if there are still family members that you keep in contact with.

You will find that where there is a family generation curse, this happens all the time. It tries to re-establish itself every time you make contact with that family member.

You should get into the habit of breaking spiritual links and family generation curses every time you are in contact with members of your blood family. This is especially true where many of them are unsaved or have never dealt with these curses in their lives.

If you do not do this consistently, then you will soon find the evidences of the family generation curse beginning to show themselves in your life once more.

This is particularly obvious is where financial hardship is involved. Poverty is one of the strongest family generation curses. In order to overcome this, you must not only deal with the curse in your own life. You should on a regular basis purge yourself from any further contamination from family members.

If you do this consistently, you will find yourself breaking free of poverty and financial bondage in a new way. Then the provision that you have believed for will start to manifest in your life.

Breaking Associations

It is impossible to avoid certain people. We meet with people and rub shoulders with them all the time in the world. But you must learn to shut your spirit off.

You may have had to open your heart and spirit to someone and you know that they are under a curse. But as soon as you leave the presence of that person you must break free. You can pray a simple prayer like this.

"Father I submit myself afresh to you and break every spiritual link. I renounce and let go of any curse that I may have picked up from that person."

Then speak blessing on them. Shine the light on them and say,

"Lord bless them and take away that curse. I speak blessing on them."

Open their eyes and their hearts. Pour into them what you have, instead of receiving from them what they have.

Dealing With Words from Others

There are also the negative words from others. Sometimes you cannot avoid that. You can often feel when people are talking about you. Have you ever experienced that? You just know in your heart,

"They are talking about us. I know it. I can imagine what they are saying."

Do not allow bitterness to creep in there. All you need to do is to send their words back. You can say,

"Father, in the name of Jesus I am protected by the blood. I neutralize any effect of their words and any negative influence that they have sent. I shut my spirit off from it now in Jesus' name."

There is no power and no curse coming from without that can touch you, as long as your spirit is separated unto the Lord.

There is no demon force or spiritualist that can speak words and pray prayers against you and bring curses against you. They do not have the power to do it, because you have the greater one living in you.

If you get into their camp though you are asking for trouble. Do not think you can go into a séance and say,

"I rebuke you in Jesus' name!"

Don't think that by doing that you can break it up. If you think that then you are being foolish. Keep out of the enemy's camp. Do not become involved in things that God never led you into.

Do not think that you can go and bind the demons in someone like that just because you have authority, unless the Holy Spirit leads you to do that in a very definite way.

Be very careful. Keep your spirit free and uncontaminated. Keep it separated to the Lord.

Dealing With Cursed Objects

Watch out for cursed objects. These objects fall into two categories.

Specific Idols

The first is an object that is made specifically to be an idol. The most obvious is the St Christopher that people wear around their necks for protection.

One that is not so obvious and fools a lot of Christians, is wearing a golden or wooden cross. We do not worship the cross. We worship Jesus, and He is not on the cross anymore.

Some people wear a cross and see it as an emblem of blessing. Be very careful. You often do not even know where that cross has come from.

A lot of those crosses have been specially blessed and impregnated with evil. When you wear a cross that you bought in the shop you do not know who made that cross. Crosses have been known to have satanic emblems embedded in them and overlaid with gold so you cannot see it.

There are also hexapoints and Star of David type emblems. There is the pentagram which the spiritualists use. Watch out for these things. They are idols.

Watch out for little carved images made by natives and people that are involved in witchcraft and demon worship. Maybe you went to Africa and bought one of the beautiful little carved things made by the African people.

It was so beautiful and you thought nothing of bringing it home again. But you actually brought an idol home. It was made for worship of a demon. Be very careful of any object like that.

There are other obvious objects like the Virgin Mary and the Buddha that are made to be idols. When something is made to be an idol there is only one way that you can take the power out of it, and that is to destroy it.

There are also many other things, such as books that are contaminated. Books contain words from people, and words are impregnated with what is in their spirits.

Be careful about bringing worldly magazines into your house. Those that are particularly dangerous are the ones that contain a horoscope. It is not even necessary for you to read the horoscope for it to bring a curse into your home. Its very presence will bring a curse.

You might say, "But there are only innocent articles in it. There's nothing bad in there and no horoscopes."

Yes, but what about the person who wrote it? What was in their heart when they wrote it? There could be a contamination there, so you need to be very careful.

Do not keep the newspaper in your house. If you bring it in, read it and get rid of it. It is filled to the brim with words reporting evil, telling about what Satan is doing in the world. It is filled with words that create fear.

By all means keep up to date with what is happening in the world, but do not keep it in your home. It is an idol and should be destroyed, or it will bring evil into your home.

Contaminated Objects

The second category of idols are those that are not idols because they are made to be that way. They are simply objects that have become contaminated by being in the presence of someone who has been under a curse.

Anything can be affected. If an object that you are using was used previously by somebody who was under a curse and under a demon influence, their presence could have contaminated it. This means if you pick it up later it might still have that influence in it.

It is the same thing as the cloths that were on Paul and impregnated with the power of the Holy Spirit. When people are filled with the power of evil, the objects that are on their bodies become contaminated in the same way.

There is one difference now though. We do not have to destroy those objects like they had to do in the old times, because we have authority over it now in the name of Jesus.

A Bible could have become contaminated, even though it contains the words of life. The paper itself could become impregnated with evil. All you need to do is pray over it, decontaminate it and speak blessing on it instead. You just need to hold it up and say,

"Father, I cause this object to be transmuted out of darkness and into light. I take it out of the Kingdom of Darkness and shine your light on it. I speak blessing and your anointing upon it now instead."

When you do that you remove the contamination from it.

Walking in Freedom

Do you think I am paranoid? No I am not. If you walk in the gift of discerning of spirits you can sense the presence of evil. You can walk into a room and feel that there is an object in that room that is bringing a sense of evil into it.

Most other people are not aware of it. It will stay there and will keep putting forth its influence. It will keep blocking the power of the Holy Spirit in your life while you are trying to walk in blessing.

When you are under a curse, this is what it is like. You are like a motor boat that is in the water. You have your engines going at full speed and you put the throttle right up, but there is a rope tying the boat to the bank and you are going nowhere. Cut the cord and suddenly the boat will take off.

Break the curse by dealing with each one of these things in your life. Take these principles of releasing the blessing of God, and suddenly you will start to take off like a plane that is gathering speed on the runway and going faster and faster.

Suddenly things will just start to happen in your life. Suddenly blessing will come forth that you have never known or experienced before.

All it takes is to cut some of those cords like family umbilical cords, and some of the generation links and associations. Cut off all of the things that are blocking God's power in your life. Neutralize them, speak against them and counteract them with blessing.

The Scripture says we should bless and not curse. We should speak blessing all the time.

As we speak blessing all the time the curses are neutralized. As we renounce, break and disassociate ourselves with all of these things, the curse is removed. The Scripture says,

Christ has redeemed us from the curse of the law, that the blessing of Abraham might come upon us.

God wants us to walk in blessing. Jesus has redeemed us from the curse. Let's no longer walk in a curse, but let's walk in blessing and in blessing alone.

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