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The Elements of a Curse

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Wouldn't it be wonderful if there was always blessing? How would you like to wake up in the morning with joy, peace and love, with nothing going wrong during the day?

Nobody says any nasty things to you. Everyone is kind and gentle, and you have everything you ever desired and wanted available to you. Nothing ever gets taken away from you.

It would be wonderful wouldn't it? But that doesn't happen does it? Unfortunately that is just not the way life is. It doesn't seem to work that way. We do not walk continually in blessing, and yet God designed us to walk in blessing.

God Made Everything Good

When God created the earth, He made it a beautiful place. He looked down on it and said,

"It is good."

He pronounced every single thing He had made good, and He planted a beautiful Garden in Eden. He took the man and the woman that He had created and put them there in the Garden.

He said to them, "Enjoy yourselves, and enter into the blessing that I have made for you."

Adam and Eve had everything their hearts could desire. They were living in a garden paradise. There were no pests, there was no harm and there was no danger. And each of them was living with the most beautiful specimen of creation that God had ever made.

Adam had the most beautiful woman in the world all to himself. And Eve had the best looking guy in the world all to herself.

There was no conflict or strife. Rather there was love and there was harmony. And God came right in there every day to visit and to share in that beautiful blessing and joy that they were experiencing.

But it did not stay that way did it? Something went wrong, and something entered that was not a blessing. It was a curse. We will consider now how to deal with curses.

Up until now we have dealt with the way of blessing and how God has designed blessing for us. He has put that blessing into our spirits through the Holy Spirit in Christ.

He has given us the ability to take those spiritual blessings and send forth that spiritual power into the earth to create blessing. But that blessing is stifled, blocked and opposed by something that is the total opposite of a blessing which is a curse.

In this chapter I will look at what a curse is, how it shows itself, how you can deal with it, and how you can cause these things to be removed from your life.

I will show how you can take away the blockages to your blessing so that it can pour forth. I will show you how you can apply the principles that you have been learning to cause blessing to come into your life.

As you look at blessing and cursing, you will find that the same basic elements exist in both of them, except the other way around.

Elements of Blessing

Blessing consists firstly of bountiful provision. God blessed and He gave everything that man could ever not only need, but desire. When a person is blessed they have everything they could ever want, need or desire.

Secondly, blessing involves protection. God gave them protection. There was no harmful influence or danger and there was nothing to be afraid of. There was no fear whatsoever in the Garden of Eden.

Then there was total peace and harmony. There was no conflict between Adam and Eve; no husband and wife squabbles.

There was no fighting between the animals. They didn't even eat each other. The animals were all vegetarians in those days. There were no carnivores.

There was no conflict and no strife. There was peace and harmony. There was security, safety, protection and boundless provision.

There was the love of God which was shed abroad in the hearts of man. His love permeated the earth as He came down to walk in the garden in the cool of the day and to fellowship with them.

He poured His love upon them, and received love from them in return. It is a beautiful picture of blessing.

We try to create that these days at a very great expense. People spend a lot of money to go to some paradise island to get away from the rat race. They want to go to a place where they can be all alone, at peace and at harmony with just nature.

We somehow try to recreate that garden paradise. There is just something about being in a beautiful place, where there is lovely green vegetation and a river of water bubbling past isn't there?

We travel miles and spend a lot of money to be able to get to places like that. We love to spend time sitting on the banks of a river in the shade of beautiful trees, flowers and all the beauty that God has created.

That is what God designed for us originally. It is the way He wanted it to be. He warned Adam and Eve and said,

"You can eat of every tree and you can take of the Tree of Life. But don't you touch the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, because in the day you do that you will die."

In another book about dealing with God's Covenants, I have shown how God entered into a Covenant with Adam. Covenants always involved a blessing if you kept them and a curse if you violated them.

Elements of a Curse

Adam and Eve violated the Covenant and they came under a curse. You can read about it in Genesis 3, where God spoke a curse on the serpent as well as on Eve and Adam. You will see how the natural creation was also cursed.

What happened? Instead of bountiful provision there was loss. It was stolen from them. They lost all that wonderful provision, and they lost that peace and harmony.

It was all taken away from them, and they had to leave the Garden of Eden. They were driven out and lost the blessing.

There was destruction as thorns and thistles began to come up. All sorts of pests appeared and bad things began to take place in creation. Eventually we see it manifesting in murder, as Cain killed his brother Abel. Destruction began to take place in the earth.

There was no security anymore. Adam and Eve suddenly wanted to cover up from each other. There was no openness or feeling of being comfortable and secure any longer.

There was strife and fear. All the elements of a curse were there which are loss, destruction, strife and fear.

Many of the curses that came on man started right there, and they came as a result of violation of the Covenant.

When Adam sinned and disobeyed God's Covenant, he came under a curse. That curse was passed down upon his generations, and on every human descendant of his. The curse came upon the earth, and it is still under a curse.

The Scripture speaks about the whole earth groaning and travailing under the bondage of that curse. It is known as the curse of Adam.

When we come into this world we grow up with the curse of Adam. But of course we know that Jesus did something about that. He came to be the last Adam and to reverse that curse. We will look at it as we go on.

The Covenant of Law

As we look at God's dealings with man, we see Him bringing man into another Covenant which was the Covenant of Law. On Mount Sinai, God gave Moses the Ten Commandments, and all the laws and ordinances that go with it.

God entered into a Covenant, and there were terms and conditions to this Covenant. There were blessings if you kept the Covenant, and if you broke it there were curses. You had a choice.

If you read Deuteronomy 28, God says to them,

"If you will obey My commandments that I give you this day, then you will be blessed coming in and going out. Your basket and your kneading bowl will be blessed. You will be the head and not the tail; above only and not beneath. You will lend to many nations and not borrow. You will have no sickness and disease."

All the elements of a blessing are there. God says,

"I will give you bountiful provision. I will watch over you and protect you from harm. I will cause harmony, peace and unity between you, and you will walk in love."

But then comes the curse. He says,

"But if you break My commandments and violate this Covenant, you will lose it all. Destruction will follow you wherever you go. There will be strife and conflict between you, and your heart will continually be filled with fear."

Go and read Deuteronomy 28 and see what I am talking about. It is all there under the violation of the Covenant.

Violation of the Covenant brought a curse into the earth. It was not God's plan or intention for man to walk in a curse. God had designed and created him to walk in a blessing. But man violated God's Covenant and chose to open the door for Satan to come in and bring in everything that was not of God.

When Adam yielded to Satan in the Garden of Eden and handed everything over to him, he opened a Pandora's Box. This opened the door wide for every demon of hell to come into this world and bring destruction, strife and a curse upon the creation.

The Curse of Noah

As time progressed, we see another thing that could cause the curse.

After the flood, Noah grew a vineyard, and he had a lot of wine and got drunk. His sons came in and saw him lying there all naked and drunk. The one son came and mocked him and told the others about their father.

We are told that when Noah rose up afterwards he cursed the generations of that son. He spoke a curse on Canaan and said,

"You will serve your brothers. You will work under hard labor."

He spoke upon him all the elements of a curse. Noah had that kind of power to speak a curse upon his own sons.

The Blessing of Isaac

You see the same kind of power being used again later on. Consider Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, especially Jacob as he came to receive his father's blessing.

His brother Esau was the one who was due the blessing. He was the firstborn, but we see Jacob cheating his brother out of the blessing. He came and tricked his father into thinking that he was Esau.

Isaac spoke a word of blessing on the son that he thought was Esau, but it wasn't Esau, it was Jacob.

Esau came to him afterwards and said,

"But my father, don't you have a blessing for me?"

Isaac said, "Not the same kind of blessing. I've already spoken it forth. I have issued a word to your brother and he will be blessed."

In The New Way of Blessing we spoke about the Word that goes forth from human lips into the earth like the law of the Medes and the Persians.

The patriarchs of old were still walking with God. They still had the power in their spirits. And when they opened their mouths and spoke forth a decree, they spoke forth blessing.

Sometimes however they spoke forth cursing. When Noah cursed Canaan he cursed his generations. And the generations of Canaan have never walked in the same kind of authority and blessing as their brother's generations.

Blessings and Curses of Jacob

When Jacob was on his deathbed, he called his 12 sons together and pronounced something over each one of them. To some of them he said good things, but to others he didn't say such good things.

He spoke blessings on some and curses on the others, and the words that he spoke over them came to pass. There was authority and power in his words when he spoke them.

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