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How I Discovered the Way of Blessing

Welcome to the Course That Will Transform Your Life!

You are about to experience a life of joy that you have not known before.

As you apply the principles of this course, you will get rid of many things that you always accepted as normal in your life, but which you were never meant to have. You will learn to break free of curses and walk in blessing.

What You Will Learn

1. You will learn what a curse is and why God never intended to have this.

2. You will learn to see quickly if a curse is operating in your life, by looking for some very clear signs and symptoms.

3. You will learn to identify when this curse started and where it came from.

4. You will be given practical ways of dealing with the curses that currently exist in your life.

5. You will learn how to recognize curses and deal with them 'on the run' every day.

6. You will learn to overcome difficulties in your life in the areas of finances, health, relationships, and personal success.

The Steps to Take

Step 1

Read How I Discovered The Way of Blessing.

Step 2

Read all the course reading chapters and meditate on them.

Step 3

Read through the bonus material to receive further teaching.

Step 4

Complete each project one by one on the available worksheets for this course. Allow the Lord to lead you when to do each project.

It doesn't matter which order you complete the projects in, as each project will apply to a different part of your life. Your experiences in life are different to everyone else's, and where one project may be exactly what the Lord wants to deal with in you, someone else may be strongly affected by another.

Take the projects seriously and start out with a commitment to complete each one. See these projects as the steps to a better life of blessing in the Lord and expect to see change.

Step 5

Periodically review the full course to remind you of the principles in it. Feel free to share your new found blessing and freedom with those around you.

We know you will be excited to share your powerful experience of how this course changed your life. We want to hear about it, so please write to us at

We pray that this course will be the beginning of a new life for you in the Lord, and will lead to much blessing and joy.

Intro By Les D. Crause

Hello, I am Les Crause, and I would like to tell you a little about how the Lord showed me the truths you are about to learn here.

I trust that you will be inspired to appreciate the power of what you are about to learn, because these truths transformed my life and brought me to a place where I no longer accept as inevitable everything that takes place in my life.

I grew up as a child having many things take place that most people would call 'bad luck.' It seemed that from the beginning I was destined to face difficulties, and these started even from birth where I was born blue.

Childhood soon found me picking up most of the childhood diseases, until by the time I was ready to go to school, I was a weak, frail child with little physical stamina.

I grew up with a strong faith in the Lord, and knew Jesus from the moment I was able to understand who he was. Being brought up in a Christian home I naturally went to Sunday School and church from an early age.

Here I was subjected to much teaching and preaching as I grew up. And like most of us who have listened to preachers for years, I grew up believing that if I had given my life to Jesus and prayed concerning my needs, then the things that happened to me must be what God had planned for me.

Getting Mad At God

For a large part of my life I patiently accepted the many things that went wrong, believing that they were part of God's plan for me. But as I grew older, at times I would become frustrated and even get angry with Him.

There were times when I would cry out,

"Why are doing this to me?"

At one stage I even decided to turn my back on the principles that I had grown up with, and for the first time reached out to taste what the world had to offer me.

I had never allowed myself to be caught in the pleasures and temptations of the world before, but I concluded that since this commitment had not brought the blessings I desired, then what use was it serving God anyway? So for a short season I went my own way, only to find out that things got even worse for me.

Ministry Did Not Help

When I came back to the Lord I began to enter into a new era in my spiritual life. I broke through to great spiritual victory when He filled me with the power of His Holy Spirit and called me to the ministry.

I thought, "At last things will begin to change for me."

I now had a desire to help people who had problems, since I had experienced so many of them myself in life. I concluded once more that God had put me through these problems to prepare me for the ministry.

However in spite of my great success in carrying out my ministry and using the gifts that the Lord had placed in me, again and again I still found myself facing difficulties in the natural world.

I just could not break free of financial problems, and it seemed that I did not have the faith to walk in divine health either. The two greatest difficulties in life were paying my debts and maintaining physical health and strength.

Taking Drastic Action

Eventually I knew that I had to get some answers, and I felt led of the Lord to take drastic action. I stepped out in faith and obedience to His instructions and proceeded to leave both my church and my job, to spend time waiting on Him alone all day long.

It was an extreme option and one that I would not recommend to others. At the time though I believe that it was what God wanted me to do, to bring me to the place where I could help others. It was my preparation and training for the ministry that I was to carry out that would reach around the world.

I spent nine months living totally by faith, not working or belonging to a local church, but spending each day in the Scriptures and in prayer. Each day I waited on the Lord for direction and instruction.

That was when I began to discover some powerful truths in the Word of God concerning the blessing of the Lord. It was then that I first began to see the principles that I have now put together into my two part teaching series known as The New Way of Blessing.

Blessing and Curses

The principles of releasing blessing and dealing with curses that I have now made available to the world took me many years to fully understand and apply to my life.

These truths came about when I found that although I was applying powerful principles to bring the blessing of the Lord into my life, there seemed to be a contrary force working against me all the time.

The moment I stopped working hard at producing blessing I seemed to go backwards. It was like a bird suffering the effects of gravity. You could keep flying as long as you kept flapping your wings, but the moment you stopped, gravity would make you fall like a lead weight.

After years of struggling with this see-saw experience and finding myself going from good to bad experiences, I finally discovered some powerful truths concerning the nature and source of curses in our lives.

I came to realize that if I was not walking in blessing, then I was walking under a curse. Since it was clear to me that God was not the author of a curse, I had to find out where the curses were coming from, and how I could stop them from affecting my life.

I knew that if I could uncover this truth, then I would not need to work so hard at trying to get the blessing of the Lord which He promised freely to all of His children. I would simply need to neutralize the curses in my life and blessing would flow freely.

Not The Standard Approach

This was a very different approach to the subject, and as the Lord began to show me some of the powerful truths that are found in this teaching, I found that many people had difficulty accepting what I was teaching. This is because it cut against the standard way of thinking that they had been programmed into.

I understood this well, since I had grown up in that programmed way of thinking. Like most Christians, I believed what preachers told me, without checking to see what the Scriptures really had to say.

However, now for the first time I was reading the Word with eyes of revelation. And as I combined it with the prophetic gifts that were now operating in me, as well as the teaching gifts that God had given me, I began to see things in the Scriptures that I had never seen before.

They had been there all along, and once I realized the truth, suddenly it all began to make sense. It was no new revelation but just the obvious truth of what had been staring me in the face all along.

As I sat down and began to write down the principles that God gave me, the Scriptures started to come to life for me. And as I began to apply the principles in my life, I began to see an immediate turn about in my circumstances.

There were things that I had struggled with for years with much prayer, fasting and confessing of the promises of the Word. Now they suddenly began to fall into place with seemingly little effort on my part.

Financial Prosperity and Divine Health

Financial provision had always seemed to come in small bits and pieces as I had exercised my faith. Now suddenly it began to pour in, even when I had forgotten to pray and exercise faith.

Physical health began to become such a natural part of my life, that the very thought of going to see a doctor was foreign to my thinking.

This was not because I did not believe in doctors, but because I no longer suffered from the continual physical ailments that had been a normal part of my life for so long.

The only reason I would need to see a doctor, would be because of injury or pain caused by an accident. But once I began to deal with curses, these things also began to fall away.

I will be sharing some of these powerful principles with you in this course. I believe that as you apply these principles faithfully as I will show you to do, you will see an immediate change in your life.

However you must apply every principle, and you must apply it consistently. You need to do this, because we have an enemy who is continually looking for an open door to enter into, in order to bring destruction to our lives.

Spreading The Word

Once you have worked through the Way of Blessing Courses and proved the principles in them, I would encourage you to show others how to do the same. Take this teaching and give it to your friends and family, so that they can also learn to walk in blessing and overcome the problems in their lives.

I know that as you study and meditate on what you are about to learn, and as apply it to your life, you are going to see some exciting things taking place and you will never look back.

When this happens, I would like you to write to me, tell me about what God has done, and how this has helped you. You can contact me from one of our websites, the main one being I would love to hear from you!

As you take the time to study the courses offered on The New Way of Blessing, I pray that the Lord would bless you abundantly and make you an instrument of His blessing to others.

Les D. Crause

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