Releasing Blessing By Blocking Curses Chapter 5 of 24

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Breaking Bitterness With Forgiveness

This project is a key step in you moving from walking in a curse to walking in the blessing of the Lord. The goal in this project is to break the hold of bitterness in your life.

As you think about how you feel, you may say to me,

"But I'm not bitter. I don't have bad feelings towards anyone right now."

Yes, you may not feel bitterness right now, but this project is going to go much deeper than the present. The Holy Spirit is going to move deeply through all the experiences in your life and clean out all the muck that you never knew was there.

Perhaps you have been avoiding your past and trying to forget the people that hurt you. Perhaps you have been carrying anger towards someone for many years. And now every time you think of them the negative emotions take hold of you.

Now is the time for freedom and liberty in the Lord. The day you complete this course you can mark on the calendar, because this is the day your life will be transformed. Now onto the project.

Note: Before completing this project, you must first have read Freedom From Hurts, Anger and Bitterness (Chapters 8 to 10).

Step 1

Find a quiet spot away from any distractions. Sit down with a resolve in your heart to work through this project and face those dark areas you have been avoiding for so long.

Note: Following through with this project is going to give you a freedom you did not know was possible. It is going to open your eyes to things you never knew you had in you, and it is likely going to stir up your emotions.

As you move through each step, Jesus is going to come into the dark hidden areas of your life. He is going to come with a dust cloth and wipe all the bad experiences and hurt away. So embrace this time with seriousness and hope and seeing the victory that lies ahead.

Step 2

Pray and make a fresh commitment to the Lord. Submit yourself entirely into His hands, leaving your fears and cares at His feet. Open your spirit to receiving revelation and direction from the Holy Spirit during this project.

Step 3

Now let your mind think back on your life, from as far back as you can remember. As memories and people come to your mind, assess how you feel about this person. If there is any kind of negative feeling towards them, write their name down.

Note: Do not strain to remember things from your past. Relax and let the Holy Spirit bring the people to your memory. He will bring to light the situations that you need to face and deal with.

Step 4

As you make your list of the people that still bother you, consider why they affect you negatively and what they did to hurt you. Why do they make you mad? Why do they make you cry and hurt so badly inside?

Note: This may be a painful thing to do, as you remember the hurts and feel the anguish and anger again. Do not be concerned or shy away from this. Half of your victory is in facing and admitting the feelings you have towards this person.

Step 5

Once you have written down the name of every person in your life that comes to your memory, you are going to move onto possibly the hardest, but most vitally freeing step of all.

One by one, pray and speak forgiveness to each person. Pray something like this prayer below, changing it to match your situation. We will use a fictitious situation and person as an example.

"Janet you really hurt me when you mocked me and called me those names. I hated you for making me feel bad, but now in Jesus' name I am choosing to forgive you. I forgive you for what you did, and want to say that Jesus loves you and I love you too."

Note: It is very possible that as you think about this person and what they did, you will feel very strong negative emotions towards them. You may even wish harm on them, and the last thing you will feel like doing is saying these words out loud. But saying these words has nothing to do with feelings.

God did not tell us to feel forgiveness. He told us to give forgiveness. What you are doing when you say this pray, is that no matter how you feel and no matter what they did to you, you are choosing to forgive them. You are also choosing to obey the Lord when He told us to forgive others.

Remember that you are not doing this alone. Jesus is right by your side, eagerly waiting for you to give Him this bad memory so that He can throw it deep into the sea.

As you let each bitterness go, the Lord can bring healing and take out the root of bitterness in your life. This is a step of pure trust in the Lord, knowing without a doubt that He will be there to take the sting out of those memories.

Step 6

After speaking forgiveness to each person, write down the date you forgave them. If you ever find yourself dwelling on the past and these people, do not ever allow yourself to give into bitterness for what they did again. This is exactly what Satan wants you to do.

You can look at the paper where you wrote down the date you forgave them and remember that your past has been washed away. You have forgiven them and you will never allow yourself to become bitter towards them again.

For more details on how to deal with each situation, read Chapters 11 - Steps to Giving Forgiveness.

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