Releasing Blessing By Blocking Curses Chapter 24 of 24

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Signs of a Curse

If you ever see these signs in your life, it is time to stop and ask yourself this question.

"Where have I opened the door to a curse?"

Then follow the steps in this course to victory.



While in different situations during the day, you feel afraid that you or someone close to you will be robbed or attacked.

When you hear an unexpected loud noise, you have a sudden fear that it is something bad.

When you are lying in bed at night or walking in the dark, you feel like someone is looking at you behind your back. You feel afraid, even though it seems irrational to feel this way.

Your baby or child won't go to sleep, because they have bad dreams or are scared of the dark.

Loss of Control


You may have children and can usually handle their liveliness. Now however you find yourself loosing control of them, and maybe even shouting at them when the pressure gets too much.

Things that you can usually handle mentally, like making decisions and organizing people or situations, become an impossible task.

When you are put under a stressful situation and pressure, you fall to pieces and are unable to cope with the stress.



Somebody in your home accidentally breaks a glass or a dish.

Your car, other machinery or appliance, unexpectedly breaks or has problems.

You or someone close to you gets physically hurt in some kind of accident or foul play. This could range from a paper cut, to a broken bone, to a sever accident requiring hospitalization.



You or those close to you become ill. This could be something as simple as a cold, or as dangerous as a fatal disease leading to death.

An unexpected expense comes up and depletes your financial resources.

You have been offered a great job or special offer, then suddenly the deal falls through.

Without apparent cause, relationships turn bad or promises are broken.

You purchase something, and when you receive it, you find out that the item is broken or defective.



For no apparent reason, you find yourself being irritated with people around you. You may even find yourself snapping at them.

You have a sudden fight with your spouse, children, co-workers or friends.

If you have children, they start becoming unruly and start fighting with each other. This is especially noticeable when they are generally calm and well behaved children.

Note: If there has been constant strife in your home on a regular basis, this could indicate a deeper curse, like family generations or personal sin that was committed a long time ago.

Read the Identifying Existing Curses project (Page 207) for more details.

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