Releasing Blessing By Blocking Curses Chapter 22 of 24

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Dealing With Curses

In this chapter we are going to be looking at dealing with curses.

Blessing is Stopped

Experience shows that even though we are destined for blessing, we don't always experience it. You may have done everything you need to in order to bring the blessing, but it still doesn't come.

When that happens, the chances are that there is the existence of a curse, which is either neutralizing or opposing your blessing.

This is the best illustration I have been given for this, and the one that I usually use. Imagine a motor boat that is in the water. The engines are revving full speed ahead, but the boat is not going forward.

The reason it is not going forward is because there is a rope that is tying the boat to the bank. The motor boat is giving all that it has at full speed. The water is churning and there are signs of activity. There are signs of energy, but nothing is happening.

How do we get over that? Increasing the throttle doesn't help and neither does pushing harder.

Very often in your spiritual life you may be trying to reach out for blessing. You may have applied all the principles that you have seen in order to bring blessing, but blessing still does not come.

You may try and push harder and harder but it still doesn't come. Sometimes in the end you just want to give up and say,

"Maybe God doesn't want to bless me. Maybe I am an exception to the rule."

That is exactly what the enemy wants you to think. Actually all you need to do is just cut that cord and the boat will suddenly fly forward. It will literally take off.

An Experience of This

I had this experience many years ago when I was living in a place that was under very strong oppression. My first ministry was in a little border city that was surrounded by witchcraft and all sorts of things.

We had a very difficult time in ministry. It was a daily struggle, but the Lord provided an opportunity for us to take a little bit of a break and go on a holiday.

So we loaded up the family, pulled the car out and began to travel out of the valley the city was in. You had to come up a mountain to get out. As we were halfway up I suddenly said,

"You know we actually didn't pray and commit the journey to the Lord."

This was something we usually always did, so I said,

"Well let's pray as we ride."

So I began to pray a simple little prayer that I normally prayed and said,

"Lord we just thank you for this journey. We ask you to go with us and protect us."

It was just a simple little prayer, but suddenly I felt as though the heavens came down and the angels were there.

I thought, "What is going on here? I haven't felt such an anointing power in months."

I realized that what had actually happened was I had left the city. And that power and oppression that had been on me the whole time wasn't there anymore.

Before then I had struggled hard in prayer and it hardly had an effect. Now all I did was pray a simple prayer and the power was there.

Effect of Breaking Curses

This is the kind of effect that takes place when you break a curse over your life. You have been struggling and pushing hard and you have been just making it through.

It is almost like pushing against a bungie cord. You make it, but if you just let go it starts to pull you back again. Then someone cuts that cord and suddenly you take off.

There is an amazing power that comes when you break a curse. It just sets you free and you will find that you move to a whole new level in your spiritual life. You move to a whole new level of blessing in this life.

You Control Blessings or Curses

Where do these things come from? And why is it that we as believers are still experiencing and suffering these things?

The subject I am teaching you now does not sit well with the majority of the Body of Christ. People have received a lot of what I have taught in The New Way of Blessing until I got to this part. Then they started to stumble over it and say,

"But how can that be?"

It is kind of like the idea of suggesting that Christians could be demon possessed. They say,

"But how can the Holy Spirit and a demon live in the same place?"

That is another subject and we have covered it elsewhere. It is that kind of logic though that people have. They think,

"If God has redeemed me and ordained me to be blessed, how can there be a curse in my life?"

Well let me ask you this question. If Jesus has died for the whole world, how come everybody is not saved? You see the potential is there, but it has to be applied otherwise it does not work.

It is the same with us. We have the potential for blessing, but we also have the potential for curses. It is in our hands to release the blessing and block the curses. I am going to show you how to do that as we look at this subject in this final module.

What Blessing Looks Like

Let's look at where curses originated from. When God created the earth, He created it with blessing. He put His man Adam into the Garden of Eden and offered him almost every kind of blessing.

There was one that was missing which God added afterwards. That is when He made the most beautiful woman who ever lived and provided the final need that Adam had which was for fellowship and relationship.

There are elements which picture and denote blessing. How do you identify blessing? What does it look like?

Abundant Provision

Firstly there is bountiful provision, and God gave that to Adam and Eve.

There was no limitation and no restriction. Every good thing that was available and that is available to us now was in the Garden for them. Everything was there, whether it was for food or riches.


The second element of blessing is protection. Adam and Eve were totally protected from all harm. There was no danger and nothing to be afraid of. They could walk around openly, and live a life where there was no threat from anywhere.

Peace and Harmony

There was also peace and harmony. There was no fighting. The animals didn't eat each other in those days, so there was no prey and no killing.

When God made both Adam and Eve and placed them in the Garden, they had beautiful peace and harmony. In fact they had such unity and harmony, that they could walk around naked and feel unashamed. There was nothing to hide. There was total openness.


There was love in the Garden of Eden as well. They had God's love filling their hearts and radiating out into the earth. The earth was filled with God's love.

When you see bountiful provision, protection, peace and harmony and love, you know that the blessing of God is present. When you see love, you know that the blessing of God is present.

How do you see the blessings in this life? Bountiful provision means wealth is abundant for you. One of the basic needs of life is abundance of wealth.

When you are protected, your health remains intact. There is no sickness and disease attacking your body. There is nothing that is causing any destruction anywhere or harming you. And there are also awesome friendships and relationships and harmony with one another.

When blessing is present you will see wealth, health and relationships. All three were provided by God in abundance. You will also see love.

What Curses Look Like

It didn't stay that way thought did it? As soon as Adam and Eve disobeyed God and partook of The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, a curse was brought upon them and upon the earth.

If you read Genesis 3, you will see how God actually spoke a curse on the serpent. He said to Eve,

"You are going to suffer in childbearing and you will have to be subject to your husband. Your desire is going to be for him."

Then He said to Adam,

"You are going to have to work now, because the earth is not going to yield its fruit naturally. You will have to work against it and force it to give you its fruit."

The blessing stopped and there came a curse instead. What are the elements of a curse?

Firstly there is loss of provision. Adam and Eve lost everything and had a leave the Garden where all the abundance was.

There was destruction. Thorns and thistles began to grow. And all the pests that we suffer with today - that is when it started. There were no bugs bugging them before then. There were no dangerous creatures. All of it came in after the fall.

Next we see immediate division between Adam and Eve. They immediately felt uncomfortable with one another. They felt embarrassed being naked in front of one another and started to cover up with fig leaves.

Their relationship was affected, and instead of love there came an intense fear. As God came to speak to them in the Garden, they were on the other end of it and running away in fear.

That is the total opposite of blessing isn't it? What are the elements of a curse? Theft, destruction, strife and fear. If you are seeing these things in your life, you can know there is a curse present.

Curses in More Detail

You don't have to look far to see those things do you? Let's look at theft. Are things going wrong? Are you losing money? Are you losing opportunities? Maybe good things are being stolen from you.

There is also destruction. Your car suddenly breaks down. Or you drop that beautiful piece of china that cost you so much and smash it into pieces. When these things start to happen in your life don't say,

"Oops, it was an accident; clumsy me."

No, look at little bit closer. When it starts to happen more than once something is up. Things start to go wrong and things pack in that shouldn't pack in.

Do you know that the blessing of God was so great on the children of Israel, that they walked for 40 years without their shoes wearing out.

I guess it would be boring to wear the same shoes for 40 years. The ladies would get really bored. It was pretty good though because you didn't have to resole your shoes all the time. They would keep.

The Israelites walked in the blessing of God. But if you see destruction, strife, conflict and fear; if any of those things are in your life, sit up and take notice because a curse is present. And when a curse is present, your blessing is blocked.

God's Plan of Redemption

God didn't plan to keep man that way. He had a plan for redemption. When Jesus came, He came as the Last Adam, and He bought back everything that was lost. He paid the price at Calvary.

The Bible uses the word redeemed for that. Redeemed means to be bought back. So Jesus bought back what we lost, and now He offers it to us as part of our salvation.

Here is what the Scripture says in Galatians 3:13 and 14.

Christ has redeemed us from the curse of the law, being made a curse for us: for as it is written, cursed is everyone that hangs on a tree:
That the blessing of Abraham might come upon the Gentiles through Jesus Christ; that we might receive the promise of the Spirit through faith.

God promised Abraham amazing blessings. He walked in abundance, and he was popular and famous. He had all the signs of blessing. God said,

"That same blessing will come on you through what Jesus did on Calvary."

Well wouldn't it be awesome if we could be experiencing that blessing. But somehow we don't experience it, do we?

Past Tense of Salvation

What exactly did Jesus buy for us? Firstly He bought for us redemption from the second death of being punished from His presence in a lost eternity in hell. He bought for us a place in heaven, so that we don't have to go down that road to hell anymore.

Therefore, because we have now received Christ as our Savior, we no longer need to fear going to a lost eternity. We are guaranteed a place in His presence.

Our position in Him is secure, not because of what we do, but because of what He did on the finished work of Calvary. Our salvation and the penalty of all of our sins was wiped away on the cross of Calvary.

You will never be held accountable again in the sight of God for any sin that you have or will commit. We are eternally delivered from the guilt and consequences of our sin in our relationship with God. Our relationship with Him remains stable and does not change.

I like to call that the past tense of salvation. It's a once for all event, not to be repeated.

Present Tense of Salvation

You cannot get born again again. You can only be born again once. However, we know from experience that as we walk in this world day by day, sin still has a power over us. We have not reached perfection yet.

We studied this in a whole lot of detail in Module 2 on walking in the flesh. We saw that we walk in the flesh, because the sin that entered into the body of man through the original sin remains in us. It continues to push us to walk in the flesh and to follow our own selfish, sinful desires.

And so our current circumstances, the present tense in which we live, is one in which we are learning daily to overcome the power of sin. We are doing this by learning to stop walking in the flesh and start walking in the Spirit.

It is a process, not a once only event. It takes place every day, because every day we face it again. After a while we get a little bit better and begin to grow in it. The works of the flesh gradually get less in our lives as we put more of the fruit in our lives.

The trouble is we can regress. We can go backwards and we can go forwards. It is a continual process and it is the present tense of salvation.

Future Tense of Salvation

There will come a future tense of salvation when Jesus comes to receive us. The Scripture says that our bodies will be transformed to be made like His body.

Only then will our bodies be free of the original seed of sin that came in through the fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil that Adam and Eve partook of.

Only then will our bodies be totally free of sin. Then there will be no need to walk in the flesh. Our bodies will be spiritual bodies like the body of Jesus, and we will be living permanently in the Spirit. There will be no more walking in the flesh.

Some people believe that we can obtain that by faith in this life. They are usually in delusion. They try and set their own standards and claim they have attained it.

We won't attain that in this life though. In this life we are continually striving towards walking more in the Spirit and less in the flesh.

Still in Sin

We inherited the curse of the flesh from Adam. And that curse causes us to continue to suffer the effects, the pressures and temptations, and the desire to walk in the flesh.

There was a curse that came into the earth, and that curse is still here. That is why God has to create a new heaven and a new earth which you can read about in the book of Revelation.

That is what heaven is going to be. Heaven is not a place we are going to live in up on some planet somewhere. Heaven is the new earth that is free of sin. It is going to be better than what they had in the Garden of Eden, but yet very similar.

You see the Tree of Life in the new earth. It is the same tree that was in the Garden of Eden. Things are going to be a whole lot better, but in this life right now we still have this seed of sin within us which leads to a curse.

Stealing the Blessing

The seed of sin will always lead to death. There was no death before Adam and Eve sinned. But the moment they sinned, death began.

The first death is the death of the spirit. It is separation from God. The second death is the death of the soul and the contamination that takes place psychologically within us. The third and final one is physical death.

All of these things are designed to steal the blessing. But here is what you can be sure of. No curse can steal your salvation. That is an eternal, once for all event.

However, the curse will empower present sin that is within you. And when it does that and you walk in the flesh, it will bring curses into your life, just like it did in the lives of Adam and Eve and all the generations that followed. And when it comes it steals everything.

Dealing With the Curses

How do you overcome it? Well I hope you have the answer by now and realize that you do it by walking in the Spirit.

When you walk in the Spirit, you overcome the works of the flesh. And when you walk in the Spirit, you release the blessing of God and you neutralize the curses in your life.

It is not that simple though is it? Because you see there are many different influences that come down on us to try and promote those curses in our lives.

Curses from Family Generations

The first curse I want to look at is curses from family generations. You see you didn't only inherit the tendency of the flesh from your original ancestors Adam and Eve. There are other things that were also passed down to you from your forefathers and your ancestors.

If you look at every curse that is in your life, if you look back you will see that it has been there before. Is that Scriptural? Let me share a Scripture with you from 1 Peter 1:18. It says,

As much as you know that you were not bought back with corruptible things, like silver and gold, from your unsuccessful and useless way of life received by inheritance from your forefathers.

I never noticed that Scripture before. I kind of knew about it but never fully understood what it meant. Your version probably says it a bit differently, but that is the GBM Translation and that is what it means.

Health Issues

Curses run in families, and especially health problems and diseases run in families. Any doctor can tell you that. The first thing they ask you is,

"Did your father have heart problems? Who in your family died of heart attacks? Who in your family suffers from this disease?"

They ask you those questions because they know that diseases run in families. If there is a history of heart attacks, it runs down through the families and everyone seems to suffer from it. Most of the major diseases are traced through family generations.

Every sickness is a curse. It's certainly not a blessing is it, because it causes destruction? But according to that Scripture that I just shared, we have been redeemed from these things that we inherited from our generations by the blood of Christ.

How then do you experience that redemption? You have have to make it yours. You have to appropriate it to yourself. It is not automatic.

Wealth Issues

How about wealth? Do you know that poverty runs in families too?

Just have a look out there and you will see it. The parents are poor, the children grow up in poverty, and they follow in poverty unless they learn to break out of it. Poverty is a curse. It is theft and loss of provision.

The good news is we have been redeemed from this. We don't have to be poor. But how do you enter into this blessing? You have to make it yours.

Relationship Issues

Good relationships are a blessing from God. Do you know that bad relationships run in families as well?

You have divorces, separations and conflicts. Just look and you will see divorces taking place right through the generations. It happens one after the other.

All conflict is a curse, and you have been redeemed from that curse. You must make it yours if you want to experience the blessing of God.

How to Break Free

How do you do this? That is the million dollar question isn't it? How do you break free of the things you have inherited from your parents, grandparents and so on backwards?

Identify the Source of Curses

The first thing you need to do is to identify the curses in your life. Start with your parents and look at all the curses you can see in their lives. Look for all the problems and difficulties they had with health, wealth and relationships.

Have a good look at them. Then compare your life, and see how many of those same things that were in your father and mother are appearing in your life. You won't have to look far to see all the bad things.

You might find yourself saying,

"Well it's just my luck. It's just my lot in life. I'm just like my father. He never had any friends and I don't have any friends either. And just like my father always struggled in poverty and barely had enough money to get by, now I'm experiencing the same thing.

I look at my mother's side of the family. They always had conflicts and divorces and all sorts of problems. Now I see the same thing happening in my life."

Look at your siblings. How many of them are suffering the same effects in their lives that you are?

Look at your parents siblings - your aunts and uncles. Look at what they have in their lives compared to what your parents had in their lives. Then look even further back at your grandparents.

Caused by Sin

Very often these things come as a result of specific sin. God said in the Old Testament,

I will visit the iniquity of the parents on the children, and the children's children, to the third and fourth generations.

Family generation curses are passed down from great-grandparents, to grandparents, to parents - all the way down.

We have taught that you can break some of these things. You can renounce them, particularly when they were caused through sin. So if any of your ancestors sinned, you can renounce the effects of that sin in your life and break that power once and for all.

But you see although in a sense all curses are caused by sin, not all curses are obviously caused by one sin. Walking in the flesh is sin and we still walk in the flesh ourselves. So we can't go and judge our parents for the problems they experienced because they had sin in their lives.

Let's look beyond that and say,

"Hang on, there was a curse in my parent's life. Maybe that came from their parents, or maybe it came from before. Whatever it is, I don't want it in my life."

That is what you are looking for.

Steps to Removing Family Curses

Your next step is to choose to reject these things in your life. The first thing you must do is renounce them and say,

"I refuse these things!"

Then you need to submit afresh to the Spirit of God and break that power over your life.

Say out loud, "In the name of Jesus I break the power of poverty over my life that was in my father. And I break the power of conflict, divorce and bad relationships that came from my mother. I want nothing to do with it and I break its power!"

It is a very powerful thing to do. As you stand in the anointing of God and speak those words, you will break it and you will stop it.

My Wrong Ideas

I learned some of these things about breaking family generational curses a long time ago. I thought that when I broke family generational curses it would stop right there and would no longer affect my children.

I didn't think about dealing with my father though. I always thought that he was the victim of his father and that it came from the early generations.

So I looked at my son and my daughters, and I realized that many of them have the exact same curses in their lives that I have. The things I have suffered with, they are suffering with now as well.

Even though I had broken the generational curses, it was still affecting them. Each of us must, of our own choice, decide to break those generational curses and the power of them. We have to do it by an act of our will, verbally and by choice. We have to smash it.

Change to Blessing

You need to break that power and then receive the blessing by faith.

You can say, "Lord, I no longer need to suffer this sickness and disease. I no longer need to suffer the allergies that my dad had because they are a curse. I'm going to walk in blessing, and I can eat anything and it will not affect me anymore."

A Warning

After you have done that, be careful because it will try to re-establish itself through your relatives who have not broken it. They will still try to contaminate you with that curse.

So even though you broke that as you stood before the Lord, be very careful of those in your family generations who have not broken it.

You must never need anything from anyone. The moment you are in need of someone else and open your heart to them in need, you will pick up their curse. It is worse with family generations and relatives.

Do not allow bitterness in your heart towards anyone. Because you see the moment you do that, you open the door wide through the flesh, to receive the contamination through that person.

Do not allow jealousy or envy to be in your heart towards anyone. That is the root of temporal values, and it will open the door to the curse in that person's life.

Break the Spiritual Links

You need to break spiritual links as a matter of course. We have learned to do it on the run. After we have met someone and chatted with them, the moment we leave we say,

"In the name of Jesus I break spiritual links. If there was any contamination or curse there that may have tried to establish itself, I want nothing to do with it."

It takes seconds to do it, but you will keep yourself clear.

This is a difficult teaching and not many people receive it, but do you want to continue walking in the curse? Do you want to pretend it is not there, when you know it's there?

Do you want to pretend that you are not suffering from the same thing as your parents, your grandparents and beyond? I think it would be very foolish don't you?

Maybe it conflicts with your doctrine. But whatever that doctrine is, it is not bringing the blessing of God in your life. I'm sorry but there is a flaw in your doctrine.

Curses from Other People

Apart from family generational curses, we can also get curses from other people.

Words Can Curse

There is a power that is released in words. The Scripture speaks about words that we can bless or curse with.

In the Old Testament, as the patriarchs of old came to the end of their lives, they called all their children together and spoke blessing over them. In some cases they didn't speak that much blessing. They spoke negative words.

Jacob and Esau were the two sons of Isaac, and the tradition was that the first born would get the blessing. We know the story of how Jacob, being the second born, decided to steal the blessing of his brother.

His mother worked with him on this, because the old man was too old to see who was coming in. Jacob went in, pretending to be Esau. Actually he went in fear and trepidation, because he said,

"What happens if my father touches me and feels me, and knows I'm not Esau."

He said these words in Genesis 27:12.

My father perhaps will feel me, and I will seem to him as a deceiver, and I will bring a curse upon me and not a blessing.

You can see that we can speak curses. Romans 12:14 says,

Continually bless those who are persecuting you. Bless, and do not curse.

Words contain spiritual power as we learned in the Seminar. Words only come from a being that has a spirit, and when you speak words, your words contain what comes out of your spirit. That is why it is very important that you keep peace with others or they will curse you.

Can they curse you? Let's look at this Scripture quickly. It is a very confusing Scripture but I am going to explain to you what it means. In Matthew 5:23 and 24 Jesus said,

Therefore if you bring your gift to the altar, and there remember that your brother has something against you;
Leave your gift there before the altar, and go your way; first be reconciled to your brother, and then come and offer your gift.

That verse we can kind of understand, but verse 25 is a bit confusing. It says,

Agree with your adversary quickly, while you are in the way with him; lest at any time the adversary hands you over to the judge, and the judge delivers you to the officer, and you are cast into prison.

No Law of Judgment

We can see that sort of thing happening with a legal matter in court. But there is a spiritual significance here which is why Jesus mentioned it. It follows right on with the whole thing about conflicts and bitternesses.

What is He saying here? He is saying that if you have an adversary, try and reconcile and stop the conflict, because that person is going to bring a law of judgment against you.

Especially as you stand in judgment of them, the law of judgment will come against you. It will bring you into spiritual prison and bondage.

You might say, "It's not my fault that he's bitter with me."

It doesn't matter, you still need to do what you can to stop it. If you don't, that person will continually speak words and do their best to bring a curse onto you, and you will end up fighting that curse all the time.

Negative Words

Negative words have power, and words from parents can affect children. Parents say things like,

"You are so stupid you will never amount to anything. I wish you weren't my child. What an idiot you are!"

Have you ever heard those words? Other words that can hurt you are things like,

"You are so ugly, nobody will ever want to marry you."

Those words penetrate our hearts. And when we believe those words, they do their deadly work in us.

There are negative words from those who are above us like a teacher at school. They say things like,

"You are the worst pupil that I have. I don't think you will ever qualify."

Preachers are even sometimes guilty of that. And there are the words that come from our own mouths.

We say, "I am just useless. I'm no good. Nobody would want to love me or care about me. I'm just worthless."

Don't you realize that when you say those words you are speaking a curse on yourself? There is power in words, because they release spiritual power into the air.

God created the earth with words, and He made us in His image, so that we have a power in our spirits to create with words. We can create good or we can create evil. We can speak blessing or we can speak curses.

We need to change our language. We need to stop cursing others and stop cursing ourselves. That is why the Scripture says,

Bless and do not curse.

Communicating Curses

You can also communicate curses. They are passed spiritually as you come into fellowship or spiritual communion with the spirit of another person.

We learned that there is a function in the human spirit called communion. The function of communion allows you to communicate with or make contact with the spirit of another person.

When you do that, you can actually pick up an influence or a contamination from the spirit of that person. It can be passed on through the words that are spoken or received as we saw already.

As you listen to that person's words, believe them and receive them, you receive from their spirit. And if they are operating under a curse, the curses that are in them are communicated to you.

As you listen to those words and receive them, be very careful. Do this even when you have a conversation with someone else who is not walking a life of blessing.

Curses from Laying on of Hands

Curses can also come from the laying on of hands. We are so quick to let someone lay hands on us and speak blessing on us. Don't always be sure that blessing is being communicated though.

Be very careful also who you lay hands on. And before you touch anyone, make sure that you have got rid of the curses in your own life, or you can communicate the curses in you to that person.

Is that Scriptural? Absolutely it is. 1 Timothy 5:22 says,

Lay hands hastily on nobody, neither enter into a spiritual union with the sins of others. Keep yourself in a state of purity.

The Greek word that is used there for spiritual union is koinónia or fellowship. You can pick up the contamination and the curses that are in the lives of others through their sin.

Wow, does that mean that we must just separate ourselves and be hermits? No it doesn't because blessing can be communicated as well. Blessing should be communicated. We just have to learn to identify the difference and refuse the curses.

As you continue to walk in the Spirit, you will begin to identify these things more clearly. And as you walk in the Spirit in your relationships with other people, the power that you release will actually break the curses in their lives, instead of you needing from them and receiving the curses in their lives.

Walk Circumspectly

When you look at this, it is frightening to see how many possibilities there are, and how many open doors there are as to how curses can come into our lives. That is why we need to walk circumspectly as the Scripture says.

What does it mean to walk circumspectly? The best illustration I heard of this is to imagine you have one of those high security walls where they have put glass into the wall so that nobody can get over.

Have you ever seen a cat walk over those walls? It is amazing what a cat can do. It puts its paw up and puts it between the glass, then it does it again with the next paw. A cat can walk all the way along the wall, because it chooses each step carefully.

That is what it means to walk circumspectly. It means you need to think carefully about every step you take. You need to pray it through. Don't make rash decisions and rush off or you will cut yourself.

That is how our spiritual lives must be. Everything we say and do must be submitted to the Spirit of God. That is what comes with walking in the Spirit.

Curses from Objects

There is one final source of curses that I am going to end on which is curses that come from objects.

Religious Idols and Objects

In the Old Testament God forbade the use of idols. He said,

You will not bow yourself down to them and serve them.

After that He spoke about family generational curses.

You might think that idols are just little things that poor, primitive people think they can worship like a piece of wood. How stupid! How could a piece of wood be God?

You are the one who is stupid though, because that piece of wood is actually far more than just a piece of wood. It is a piece of wood that is made to communicate with the spiritual realm.

It is a doorway into the supernatural. And those who bow themselves down and worship idols, are using that object as an opening into the spiritual realm which is always into the demonic realm.

You have good luck charms and people say things like,

"I always like to take good luck charms with me. They bring me good luck."

What is good luck? Is it a spiritual 'blessing'? No, it is a contact into the spiritual realm.

You get religious objects like pentagrams, crucifixes and hexapoints which are the Jewish symbol. And you get the wearing of a cross. You might say to me,

"I have a nice little cross around my neck because it shows I'm a Christian."

It is an idol. We don't worship the cross; we worship the Christ on the cross. Why are you wearing the cross? Do you think it is going to give you favor with God? Do you think it will bring blessing into your life?

If you think that, it means you are using that cross to tap into a spiritual realm. That cross is an idol and you need to get rid of it.

You have all of the idols that are used for worship in primitive cultures.

You might say, "I went to Africa and saw such beautiful little carvings. They were so pretty, we bought a few to put in my lounge. I can't understand why everything has gone wrong in my life in the last while though. There is such a bad atmosphere in the home."

You brought idols into your home. Some of those things were created for their worship and they are now selling them to you. They are idols and they are contaminated. They are an opening into the demonic.

Idols That Are Not Obvious

Some of these things are obvious like I mentioned, but not all objects are obvious. In our meeting hall we have a microphone and that could even be an idol.

You might say, "People don't worship a microphone."

No they don't, but an idol is not always something that was made to communicate with the spiritual realm. An idol can be an object that is contaminated because of where it has been and who it has been with.

Be very careful. The first time it ever happened to me was when someone brought an amplifier into the church for the church band, and suddenly during the worship I felt demons. It was weird.

Then one day as I was praying alone in the church during the week, I walked up to that amplifier and I felt demons. I thought to myself,

"How can an amplifier be demon possessed?"

I spoke to the guy who owned it and asked him about it. He said,

"There was a time when I was not serving the Lord, and some of the places we took that amplifier would make your hair stand up on end."

I said, "Brother, please take it out of the church."

I didn't know then how to deal with it. But when we took that amplifier out of the church, the atmosphere cleared and the worship was great again. So an object can be contaminated because of who it has been with.

Watch out for second hand things. Be very careful with these objects.

You might say, "We have a nice antique that is a couple of hundred years old."

Having such an object is very dangerous. You don't know where it has been or who it has been with and what contamination it might have picked up.

Family Generational Objects

There are also objects from family generations; things like family heirlooms. You might say to me,

"This necklace belonged to my mom, to her mom, and to her mom before that. It's been passed down to the generations. This necklace is very special, and I have specifically mentioned it in my will that it goes to my daughter."

That is a bad idea. Get rid of it as soon as possible. If you don't, you are maintaining family generational curses all the way back. Don't pass sentimental objects down to your kids or anybody else.

You might say, "You know I can't bare for this to be lost when I die. I want somebody important to have it."

Sell it. Get rid of it. The chances are it is contaminated with a curse. When you pass that down to somebody else, all the curses that were in you will now be passed onto that person. They will get them when they get that object.

Watch out for all sentimental objects.

You might say, "I got this ring. It was given to me by my first boyfriend. He is long gone, but I still think about him as a special person because he was the first."

Throw it away. Just get rid of it. It is a sentimental object.

You might say, "You know this was given to us by our parents when we first got married. It's old and we don't really need it anymore, but it has special sentimental value."

Get rid of it. Any object that makes you think about somebody else, it is better that you don't have it.

If you have anything in your possession that you find extremely hard to get rid of, it is time to get rid of it because there is a spiritual connection with it. There is an emotional connection and a link in the spiritual realm which can bring a curse into your life.

Dealing with curses is a wide subject and there are many different areas to look at. The Lord wants us to walk in blessing and He has made a way for us to do this. However our blessing can be blocked or neutralized by curses in our lives.

Often all that it takes to experience and walk in the blessing is to get rid of the curses. Don't you think it is time you throw these things away? Don't you think it is time to identify in your life the curses that are coming from so many of these different areas?

Get rid of them now, once and for all and start to walk in the wonderful life of blessing that the Lord has for us. Amen.

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