Releasing Blessing By Blocking Curses Chapter 21 of 24

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Prophetic Intercessors

God is raising up those who are prepared to take the load of intercession. The prophets of God are rising up. They are not to be seen in the visible church making a name for themselves. 

Mostly they are in the background, very often unseen, and they rise up and speak the Word of God into the earth. They send forth the decree of God into the earth. 

They do battle in the heavenly realm with the demons of darkness. They commission the angels of God to go forth and to release the finances that are needed.

They release what is needed for the Kingdom of God to be extended. And they release ministries to go forth and do what God has called them to do.

It is time that the prophets of God rise up and use the key of authority that God has given them. They are able to unlock the door of God's blessing and also lock the doors that Satan is using to come in. 

It is time that the prophets of God rise up and do what God called them to do, instead of preaching hellfire and damnation to believers. 

They often try to be Old Testament prophets who speak judgment on God's people. Instead they should be speaking the Word of God and the authority of God into the earth, which is what He has called them to do. 

Oh that God would raise up intercessors and watchmen on the walls, that would see the enemy coming and remain on stand-to 24 hours a day, so that Satan cannot attack at any time. 

It is time that God raises up ministries that would set up intercession 24 hours a day around the clock; to seek the face of God, to speak forth His Word into the earth, and to break the bonds of wickedness. 

It burns in me. There is such a crying need for God's people to rise up. 

Unless the warfare and the battle are carried out continuously, we will go under. We will fall and end up resorting to the worldly way of obtaining money.

We will end up with the pittance that the world is going to dish up. Yet the Lord speaks about the unjust that will lay up treasures, that the just may inherit them.

Go to the Top

It is time that the just starts to inherit what the unjust have laid up. It is the time that the Body of Christ gets their hands on the wealth that has been stashed up by the Princes of Darkness of this world.

This will only take place as we do battle in the heavenlies. We must speak forth the Word of God into the earth. We must come against, not the little demon powers down on this earth, but the princes of wickedness in the high places. 

You should be coming against the Prince of Darkness that is over your city and over your country. You should be going right to the top and doing warfare with the Council of Wickedness. 

You should be coming against the councils on high and frustrating those councils, by the power of the Spirit, by the authority of the Word of God, and by the power and authority that there is in the name of Jesus. 

It is time God's people rise up and go to the top. I do warfare with them all the time, and when I have a problem with finance I do not battle with the prince of my city.

I have occasionally done battle with the prince of the country, but he is too small. I go to his superiors. I go to the top. I come against Pharaoh and I say,

"Pharaoh, in the name of Jesus you will authorize what is mine. Sign the document. Release it now, in Jesus' name. 

Apollyon, sign the document, and Lucifer sign the document. God has given this to me. It is mine. I put my foot on it, now get off my land and let it go.

You take your hands off my provision. It is mine and you cannot stop it. You have no right to stop it. You have no authority, because Jesus has taken your power away, and I stand in Him and in His name. 

I come against you in the name of Jesus and you must bow, because the authority I have in Him is greater than the authority that you have in the world. He has given me the name to use that is above every other name. You will bow to that name." 

It is a heavy warfare; a heavy battle. And if you wish to enter into this kind of ministry, let me tell you, you are not going to be able to play church anymore. You are not going to be able to play being a Christian anymore. You will not be able to say,

"Well I go to the meetings. I go to the Bible Study and to church on Sunday, and we serve the Lord there. I'll be a Christian during the week and witness to a couple of people. But Friday night is our night to go out and have fun." 

The Lord does not have place in that. 

You say, "Once a year we have to go on vacation somewhere. And while we are on holiday enjoying ourselves, the Lord can take a break." 

No, you are in a war. When you became a child of God you declared war. You went across to the other side. Do you think that your original master is going to take it lightly?

Do you think that he is going to allow you to become a threat to him? No, he is going to throw against you everything that he has.

The State of Satan's Kingdom

I want to tell you one more thing about the Kingdom of Darkness that will encourage you. 

If you go into the World System you just need to go into a business that has a lot of employees to see it. You need only to go into an open office where many people work together in close communication, and listen to how they talk about each other. 

Listen to how they speak about somebody that is rising up in authority and is probably next in command to become boss if the current boss should leave. Let that person take one day's leave and you will find out what everybody thinks about him. 

They will say,

"He thinks he's something special. Yeah, all he does is visit the boss all the time, and say the right things and do the right things. He's the boss's pet. No wonder he's next in line to be promoted over us." 

Have you seen it? Have you seen the bickering and fighting that goes on; the selfishness, strife and vainglory that goes on in the world? Where do you think it comes from? It comes from Satan's kingdom. 

Satan may sound like he has an organized kingdom. It looks like it is pretty well organized there with the privates and sergeants and the officers going on up the ranks like an army. But every single one hates the other. 

They detest each other. There is no harmony there. It is an enforced harmony, and they dominate with fear and terror and control one another. That is how they work. That is how Satan works and you will see it in the World System.

Satan cannot keep it together without working at it all the time. That is why he has to set so many levels of authority; to make sure that each level of authority is controlling the other, because they are vying with each other all the time. 

Why? They got it from their master didn't they? He was one of the archangels in Heaven and he said,

"I'm not satisfied with this. I want to be better. I want to be the boss here." 

His spirit and attitude have been communicated to the whole of his kingdom. They bicker and fight amongst each other all the time. 

When Satan launches a special attack against you, it costs him dearly. He has to mobilize a special group of demons and organize them together with special instructions to,

"Go get him!" 

They only have a limited time. They only have certain resources available to them. And if they do not come right in that time they are in trouble.

He Has Limited Resources

Satan has limited resources. He is not unlimited and does not have the power of the Spirit of God. He has to work through the demon forces, and the demon forces can only work through men that will give them permission and authority to work. 

All we need to do is release the angels of God against them to keep scattering them. All we need to do is bind or restrict them. The Scripture says,

Whatever you bind on earth will be bound in Heaven.

If we bind the forces of evil, we interfere with them. It also says,

Whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in Heaven.

As we loose the angels of God to go forth on our behalf, they are liberated to work. Satan can only maintain his attack for a limited time.

You might be able to do nothing more than grit your teeth and hang on, not giving up hope, but biting like the bulldog.

If you refuse to be shaken and moved from your commitment, or to change the words of your mouth, it is just a matter of time before he has to give up. He cannot keep it up. He does not have the resources. 

We tend to credit the devil with more power than he really has. I have learned in dealing from the top to the bottom, that Jesus has given us power and authority over all of them. 

We have within us the very Spirit of God; the One who created the universe. We have with us the One that has the name above every other name. 

Oh if we would just realize what we are in Christ. If we would take our stand against these things, then all we would need to do is to keep speaking forth the blessing.

Loosing the Provision

Very often after you have spoken forth your word into the earth and God begins to move, you see it come forth like Lazarus when he came out of the tomb. Jesus said to Lazarus,

"Lazarus come forth."

He came out alive, but he was still bound in the grave clothes.

It is so important that you stand firm after you have sent out God's Word into the earth. You have spoken forth the rhema word of creation, and now as the creation manifests you must command your Lazarus to be loosed until he comes free into your possession. 

Do not assume that because you saw the manifestation of what you asked for, that it has arrived. 

Do not assume that because hands were laid on you, you felt the power of God go through you and you felt the pain leave your body that it is over. 

Even if you could see that you were healed, do not assume that it will never attempt to come back. You must keep standing on it because you will be challenged. 

Do not assume that because you have trusted God for finance and somebody writes and says, "I'm sending you a check," that you can sit back now. 

Do not let up until you get that check, you have cashed it and have the money in your hands. Satan will try to block it and steal it. 

If they had not loosed Lazarus he would have stood there and suffocated to death. He would have died again. 

Don't ever assume anything. We are in warfare. Do not sit back and say,

"Well I won the battle." 

Maybe you did win the battle, but the war continues. The war continues until the end when Jesus finally conquers and locks him up in the bottomless pit, until the consummation of all things spoken about in Revelation. 

The war continues and we continue to wrestle against these forces. 

Do not think that because you got him down this time that he is not going to get up again. He is going to get up and come at you again and again. You have to stay on it. 

Yes there will be times of intense warfare, but there will also be times of peace and times of rest. There will be times of celebration.

God doesn't want us to walk around miserable all the time. God wants us to have fun. He wants us to have holidays and to enjoy ourselves.

But always do it in His presence and always walking with Him. Always maintain your walk, and always keeping your mouth speaking His Words. 

God said to Joshua,

This word shall not depart from your mouth, but you shall meditate on it day and night.

As you continue to do that you are like an army that has conquered a city and all they need to do is to keep it.

They do not need to keep recapturing it. All they need to do is prevent the enemy from stealing it from them and taking it back. 

That is why Paul says,

Having put on all the armor, stand.

Stand on the ground that has been won for you. All you need to do is stand. And when the enemy attacks, you ward him off immediately.

Stand-to on a daily basis and continually stand against the evil. Then the angels of God will continue to go forth and work on your behalf, causing your provision to come

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