Releasing Blessing By Blocking Curses Chapter 19 of 24

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Chapter 14

Dealing With Demons

I want to look now at demons and spiritual forces of darkness which are opposed to all that is of God. The Scriptures indicate that there are three different groups of demon forces that occur in the earth. 

Paul describes it in Ephesians 6:12 when he says, 

For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against authorities, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high [places].

Four groups of demonic powers are described there. The first three refer to powers of darkness that are functioning and operating in the earth.

The fourth operates in the spirit realm that Satan functions and lives in. It is his counterfeit to the realm of God.

Principality and Power Demons

Principalities are small insignificant, irritating little demons. They are the kind of demons that put thoughts of temptation in the minds of man and cause irritations. 

They do not have much power and there are millions of them. They are the peasants of Satan's kingdom if you please.

They are the privates in his army and the ones that do all his grunt work. In the Spirit I normally see them pictured as little monkeys. 

Power demons are somewhat stronger. These are demons that latch themselves on and attack. They cause sickness and disease and such things as drug addiction, bad habits, and bondage in the lives of people. 

I usually see these in the Spirit as baboons or chimpanzees. They are slightly larger and more powerful.

Rulers of Darkness

The next level is the rulers of the darkness of this world. This indicates that they are the highest level of demonic power in this world. 

Ruler demons are those that control the principality and power demons. The ruler demon is the kind of demon that enters into a person and takes possession of them. 

Jesus spoke to the demon in the man that was possessed by the legion. He spoke to the man and the demon answered through the man's voice. He said to the demon,

"What is your name?" 

The demon answered,

"My name is legion, for we are many." 

This was one demon that was speaking to Jesus, taking control of the man's lips and speaking through his vocal cords.

It was one demon power possessing that man. He was a ruler demon, and he had under him millions of power demons and principality demons - a whole legion full. 

Jesus began to come against that ruler demon with all his little demons, and all the demons began to speak to Jesus. 

They did not speak to Him through the lips of the man. Because only the ruler demon speaks through the lips of a man, when a person is possessed by a demon and that demon takes manifestation. 

But Jesus saw in the Spirit and spoke to those demon powers. It says,

"They all began to beg Him and say, 'Please can we go into the swine.' "

As Jesus cast out that demon, the ruler came out with all his principality and power demons, and they all went into the pigs. The pigs then went mad. They ran over the hill, fell into the sea and drowned. 

These are the demon forces that are at work in the world. If you come into confrontation with evil powers, they are the evil powers that you will be dealing with.

Deliverance Ministry

Many people have become majored on deliverance ministry, casting out demons of lies and lust and every other form of sin.

They will sometimes spend hours, days and weeks casting out demons one after the other. They identify each little demon, casting them out one at a time. 

After each session the person is exhausted, tired and sore. And the person who has been casting out the demons is exhausted.

They are probably hoarse from shouting at the demons. And all they succeeded in doing was getting rid of a few principality and power demons, but the ruler demon is still sitting pretty. 

I am not going to go into a lot of detail on deliverance here, because that is another subject that we have taught elsewhere. I just want to point out that you have to deal with the ruler demon before you can get rid of the principality and power demons. 

You need to go to the top. You need to deal with the 'guy in charge'. Then you can deal with the other demon powers.

Watch Your Words

These forces are at work in the earth and will oppose everything that you try to do for God.

They will try to counteract the Word that you have spoken forth by inspiration of the Holy Spirit; the decree that you have sent forth into the earth. They will try to stop it and try and block it. 

Do you know how they will try to do this? They will do it firstly by attacking you, to try and get you to shut your mouth and change your words. Then they will try to get you to start licensing them instead of the angels of God. 

They will try to get you confessing negative things like,

"This is not going to come right and I don't know what we are going to do. We are in trouble. I just can't see us getting out of this." 

Change your words. Your angel was working feverishly getting things done. Suddenly the words stopped and he has to start coming home again. Now the demon power is going to start to work. 

What do you suppose he is going to work on? He is going to work on destroying what the angel was setting up. 

Be very careful to keep your words in line with the Word of God and in line with the decree that has been sent forth.

Keep them in line so that the angels of God continue to work on your behalf; so that they arrange and create in the earth what you have decreed and spoken. 

The moment you stop they stop. The moment you authorize Satan, he breaks down what has been built up so far. 

You need to come against the forces of darkness on a daily basis. You need to daily commission the angels of God to go forth and to do what has been decreed in the earth.

Daily Stand To

When I did my National Service a long time ago I found out something that was very interesting concerning warfare. They found out that there were two times of day when it was most likely that the enemy would attack. 

These were first thing in the morning just as the sun was coming up, and last thing in the evening just as the sun was going down. They explained that if the enemy was going to attack the camp, then those were the times when he would do it. 

There was a procedure that we used to follow when we were out in the bush camps. It was carried out every day, first thing in the morning at dawn, and last thing at night at dusk. 

The procedure was called a 'Stand To', and every soldier in the camp had a place where he would go, forming a circle around the camp.

Each one would have a little place that was dug out where he could go and lie looking outwards, so the whole camp was covered all around. 

When you heard the call and the whistle blowing saying 'Stand To', you ran immediately to your allocated spot. You climbed in there with your rifle, and you loaded and cocked your weapon so that it was ready to be fired. 

From your hiding place you then looked ahead carefully as the sun came up and the light began to show. You kept your eyes peeled for any movement whatsoever that would indicate that the enemy was about to attack. 

You stayed that way until the sun came up, and until the whistle blew again and said,

"Okay, stand down. The enemy is not attacking today." 

The same procedure was repeated in the evening just before the sun went down. Everybody would be there, rifle loaded, ready and watching in case the enemy attacked.

A Spiritual Stand To

The Lord spoke to me and said,

"My children need to learn to have a spiritual stand to. They need to stand against the enemy on a daily basis. They need to stand ready, with their rifle cocked, with the Word in their hearts and with their mouths poised to speak forth my Word.

They must be ready for any movement from the spirit of darkness; ready for any attack from Satan." 

First thing in the morning before your day begins, and last thing in the evening before your day ends, stand ready. He will attack during your sleep if you are not careful. Stand ready and hit him before he hits you.

Paul said we must, 

Put on the whole armor of God... and having done all, to stand. Stand therefore…

We must stand against the wiles of the enemy. 

Jesus said,

The devil goes around as a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour, whom resist steadfast in the faith.

James 4:7 says,

Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you.

This is a spiritual stand to and you should do it on a daily basis. If you do not do it, the enemy will start to get into the camp without you knowing he is there. 

You begin to wonder why your spiritual life is dying. You wonder why your provision is not coming or why your health is growing worse instead of better. You did not stand against him.

You say, "Well I prayed. Somebody laid hands on me and spoke forth healing. God promised me. I saw the manifestation of my provision and my prayer was answered." 

Then you sit back and say,

"Okay it's done. I can take it easy now. We can party tonight. I don't need to pray." 

Be very careful. Don't ever let down your guard where the enemy is concerned.

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