Releasing Blessing By Blocking Curses Chapter 18 of 24

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Angels at Work

Messenger Angels

I mentioned earlier that there is a group of angels that are very similar to the messenger angels, but they have a specialized function that is confined only to the earth. These are the guardian angels. 

In Matthew 18:10 Jesus was speaking about little children. He said,

Take heed that you do not despise one of these little ones; for I say to you, that in Heaven their angels always behold the face of my Father who is in Heaven.

This is a specialized group of angels, and I believe they are of the messenger category. But they are a bit different and they look different. 

Those who have seen them in the Spirit see them as extremely large and much bigger than life. They look like giants standing very tall. They look very much like a normal human being, except they are very large.

What are these angels for? They are personal angels allocated to each and every person who comes into this world.

These angels are there to protect. They are also there for the purpose of provision, to take care of our needs. They can be commissioned by us. 

In Hebrews 1:13-14 it says, 

But to which of the angels did he say at any time, Sit on my right hand, until I make your enemies your footstool? Are they not all ministering spirits, sent forth to minister for those who shall be heirs of salvation?

Who are the heirs of salvation? Is it not we, the Body of Christ; those who have been born again?

They are ministering spirits. And if you check the Greek, the word ministering refers to a public servant sent forth to minister, to attend to and wait on.

That is what they are there to do. They are to wait on the heirs of salvation, to attend to them and to their needs. 

Do you know that you have a guardian angel? You have a personal angel that has been allocated to you as a child of God, to attend to your needs and to wait on you? 

I like that picture. I like it when I am sitting at a table in a restaurant and a waiter comes up and says,

"Can I get you anything?" 

If we have a need, most of us do not sit there and say,

"No it's all right thanks, I'm fine."

You would say,

"Could you get me a glass of water please? Yes I would like another cool drink. Could we have some dessert?" 

He is there to wait on you. He is there to take care of your personal needs. He has been given to be a servant to you, to take care of you, to look after you and to make sure that your every need is provided. 

That is what the guardian angel is for. You have a personal one that is allocated just to you. If you look over your shoulder in the Spirit you might see him. Do not try it unless God reveals it to you, but you can be sure he is there. 

He is there with you wherever you go. He is there taking care of you all the time.

Moving at Your Decree

I have seen my guardian appear to me on many occasions. He stands there waiting for me to give him instructions. He normally stands tall with a sword in his hand, ready and waiting for me to say,

"Go forth now and do what needs to be done. Go forth and accomplish that which concerns me, and accomplish that which is involved in my life. 

Make sure that the provision that I need comes to me, and make sure that all obstacles are removed. Go and take care of it.

Arrange things, go and speak to people and go and organize them. Do what needs to be done, in order that what I have requested of God will come to pass in the earth." 

As you send forth your decree into the earth by the power of the Spirit, to cause a creation to take place in the earth, angelic activity begins to happen. The angels start to scurry about because things need to be arranged. 

Sometimes people need to be moved. Sometimes they need to be persuaded or convinced. Sometimes circumstances need to be changed, and people and obstacles need to be removed.

It could take a lot of arrangement to bring about a fulfillment of what you have spoken forth under the anointing. 

Angels to Churches and Countries

There is also at least one angel that is allocated per church or per ministry. God does not only allocate angels to individuals. He also allocates them to groups, to situations, to organizations, to cities and countries. 

How do I know that? If you look at the book of Revelation you will see that Jesus spoke these words to the apostle John.

To the angel of the church at Ephesus, write...
To the angel of the church at Pergamos, ...of Smyrna, write…

Who was the angel of the church? I know that many would like to say,

"Well he wrote to the pastor. The pastor is what the Bible is referring to there as the angel of the church." 

But in those days there was no such thing as the pastor of the church. There was no 'one pastor' in charge of the church. The Scriptural pattern was a plurality of elders. 

When Paul and Barnabus started new churches, they laid hands and ordained elders in every church. The churches of those days were not confined to a church in a building. It was the church in a community; the church in a city. 

Ephesus was a very large city. When God looked down upon the church in Ephesus He did not say,

"There is a church in this suburb, there is a church in that suburb, and there is another church that meets in that building over there." 

He looked down on Ephesus and said,

To the church in Ephesus…

They did not have one man in charge of them that John could have written to. No single man could say,

"Well I am the pastor in charge of this church, and therefore I have this message from the apostle John." 

John wrote and he declared forth into the earth to the angel who was in charge of that church. It was the angel's responsibility to communicate that message to the church in that area. He was a messenger angel put in charge of that church. 

I know this might sound different to anything you have ever heard before, but I want you to look at it.

The word angel is the one that is used in the book of Revelation. I can come to no other conclusion except that there was an angel allocated to each church. 

When John wrote that Word and the message was communicated to that angel, he was responsible to make sure that the Word was carried out in the church. 

Angelic Authority in the Earth

Be that as it may, angels do not have authority in the earth. Only one person has authority in the earth - a spirit living in a body made from the elements of the earth.

It is man, and man alone has been given authority in the earth. Therefore man must grant authorization to the angels before they can do anything in the earth. 

There is the little book of Jude right near the end of the Bible. Not many people read Jude. It is a weird book. It just has one chapter and there is a strange verse in there. Jude 1:9 says, 

Yet Michael the archangel, when arguing with the devil he was disputing about the body of Moses, dared not bring against him (the devil) a slanderous accusation, but said, The Lord rebuke you.

Michael did not have authority to rebuke Lucifer. He had to say,

The Lord rebuke you.

This verse just gives you a little bit of insight and some of the background into what took place when Moses died.

The Scripture says that God buried Moses. Nobody knows what happened to his body, but this verse seems to indicate that Satan came to take it. 

God had sent the Archangel Michael to make sure that Satan did not take it, because that body is going to be raised up to appear when Moses and Elijah come back in the end times. But that is another subject altogether.

Angels Respond to the Word

Man alone has authority in the earth. The angels do not. The angels listen only to the Word of God that is uttered in the earth. How do I know that? Psalm 103:20 says,

Bless the LORD [Yahweh], you his angels, that excel in strength, that do his commandments, listening to the utterance of his word.

This is the GBM translation so it might sound a bit different in your Bible. The meaning is the same though. The angels listen to the voice of His Word going forth into the earth. 

How does the Word of God go forth into the earth for the angels to hear it? It goes through human lips. When man speaks forth the Word of God into the earth the angels pay heed. 

So when you speak forth into the earth those spiritual forces of faith, hope and love, by the rhema Word of God, the angels pick up their ears. They say,

"That's God speaking there. That's the Word of God that is going forth into the earth. And it shall not return void, but shall accomplish that for which it is sent." 

The angels immediately begin to respond to that Word and they act on it. 

When our words are rhema words, inspired by God, they become a, 'thus says the Lord,' as the prophet gives forth his decree into the earth.

The angels immediately respond to that decree. They begin to work to accomplish and cause it to take place in the earth.

Authority in Jesus' Name

We have authority in the name of Jesus, as humanity in Christ, bearing in mind that we lost that authority in Adam. In Christ that authority was restored because Jesus took back the authority that Adam had. 

Jesus gained even higher authority because,

He was given the name which was above every other name, that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of things in Heaven (the angels), of things in earth (humans and earthly powers), and things under the earth (the demon forces). 

Man has the authority to command the angels in the name of Jesus. We can only do it in Jesus' name, only in Christ, and only as we speak in Him, through Him and by Him, and send forth His Word into the earth. 

They must obey and they must be servants who come running and say,

"Yes master, what do I do next?" 

They must obey His voice; His Word uttered into the earth. So we, as God's representatives in the earth in Christ, create the authorization. We give the authority for the angels to work. 

The angels do not have that authority on their own until we give it to them. And if we do not give them that authority they cannot work. Their hands are bound, they are tied and restricted. 

A lot of the time the words that we speak into the earth are negative words of destruction that authorize the powers of darkness instead of the angels of God.

We have to speak forth God's words into the earth. When we speak God's words into the earth, the angels will take heed and obey the words that we have spoken. 

When we stop speaking those words, we take away their authority and they become powerless to do anything for us.

They cannot protect us, they cannot watch over us, and they cannot cause our provision to come to us until we speak forth the words of God into the earth

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