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How to Overcome Fear

Big Brother in You

I was always weak and frail when I was younger. And when you are weak and frail, the bullies think that you are given especially for them to play with.

They loved to pick on me. I did not even need to say anything. I simply needed to be there and I was a target to be picked on.

But when I was in High School I was blessed to have a brother in the same school who was not small or weak. He played first team rugby. He was a big, strong guy who did body building and people were afraid of him.

I remember on more than one occasion when somebody began to pick on me, one of his friends would say,

"Hey, if I were you I would leave him alone. He's got a big brother."

That felt really good when they said that. I would say to them,

"Yeah, you'd better watch out hey. I'll call my brother on you."

We have a big brother and He has beaten the enemy. We saw somebody selling a T-shirt on the Internet once. It had a picture of the cross and it said, The Lord Beat the Devil with a Big Stick.

Jesus beat the devil with that big stick, and He is about to beat him some more. You have the power of God and the Spirit of God within you. You have the One who created the universe within you, and He just needs to go (poof) and anything that you fear is gone.

He just needs to speak the Word. He simply spoke and said, "Let there be light!" and it was there. He is living in you and His power is within you. The Scripture says,

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. At the name of Jesus every knee will bow.

The Power of Love

We have been given a spirit of love. The Scripture says that perfect love casts out all fear.

There is no fear in love. You cannot fear someone who loves you. You can trust someone who loves you and you can expect help from that person. Both Jesus and God said,

I will never leave you nor forsake you.

He is with you all the time. He loves you and He cares for you, and He will not just stand there and watch the bully beat you up.

But you see love also carries a power, because love is like light and it dispels darkness. Do you know that love is so foreign to the nature of Satan that he cannot even analyze it to begin to understand what it is or how it works?

The Scripture says that the light overcomes the darkness. When Jesus came into the world He was the light of the world, and it says,

The darkness comprehended it not.

I thought it was interesting that the word comprehended was used there. I always thought that was a bad translation in the King James Version when it translated that verse that way.

I thought, "They should really have said that the darkness could not overcome the light."

It could not comprehend it. It could not even begin to understand it. Just like light and darkness are so different that darkness cannot begin to even understand light, so the devil cannot begin to understand the power of God's love.

Before you know it, the light has come and the darkness says,

"I'm out of here. I wish I understood how this light worked so I can overcome it!"

The power of love is so strong. God showed this to me practically way back when I was engaged to a woman to be married and discovered that she was bound by demons.

Satan reared up. She was a Spirit-filled child of God, but she was bound by demons and did not even know it.

It only began to manifest as I started to minister to her, and Satan tried to destroy that relationship and break us apart. He tried to keep us away from each other, lest I get to her and set her free.

I said, "Lord, how am I going to understand this?"

He said, "Use the weapon that Satan doesn't understand; the weapon of love."

Love overcomes fear and evil. It overcomes everything that Satan stands for.

But you know what we do when somebody comes against us?

We use the spirit of strife that came from Satan; the spirit of strife that came in as a result of that fear and the result of the curse. When people come against us and oppose us, we come against them and fight darkness with darkness.

Negative Motivation

How can you overcome? You have to fight darkness with light. You cannot fight fear with another fear. There are people who are afraid that they are going to hell, and preachers are standing up and reinforcing it by saying,

"You had better turn from your sin or you're going to go to hell!"

You know a lot of the motivation that we have at times is a choice between two fears. There was a point in my life when we had no income. I did not have a job and God opened a way for me to move into one that terrified me. It was selling life assurance.

They taught me to go and knock on doors and offer people something they did not want. Talk about fear! I remember getting in my car and riding down the street at night. I sat there thinking,

"I don't want to go and knock on that door. I'm afraid they might be nasty to me."

Then I would sit and think what would happen if I never made an income and my family would starve. A fear would grip me that if I did not go and sell I was not going to get an income.

I had to get myself psyched up to make sure that the fear of my family starving was greater than my fear of knocking on that door. And the fear that won is the fear that decided what I did.

So many people are in that exact same situation. When you begin to serve God out of fear, you begin to overcome your fear of sin with your fear of punishment from God and that is no motivation.

By all means fear God with a reverential fear. Bow in His presence and say,

"Lord, not my will but yours be done."

But when your motivation for serving the Lord is fear of punishment or fear of hell, then you are overcoming one fear with another and Satan is playing games with you.

You are following the same method that the world uses for counseling, psychology and psychiatry when they modify behavior through a system of rewards and punishments. All they do is teach a person to sin in different ways.

You need to change your motivation. They are both sinful. You start having levels of sin like,

"It is more sinful to go out and kill somebody than it is to tell a little white lie."

We measure one sin against another, but they are both sin. We are talking about different categories and levels of darkness, but they are both darkness.

Love Versus Fear

Perfect love casts out fear. Where does this perfect love come from? It comes from the Spirit of God.

It comes from God alone. And when you let His love and light shine forth from you, you have a power. How are you going to show that love? How will you carry it? Jesus gave us a few examples when He spoke about it and said,

If somebody hits you on this cheek turn the other one.

That is stupid. Fear says to you,

"That's not stupid."

You are standing there being terrified and saying,

"What happens if he hits me?"

God's solution is,

"If he dares to hit you, turn the other cheek and let him hit you again."

"What? That's silly. It doesn't make sense."

No, God is saying this.

"If you begin to flow in my love; if you love this guy so much that you are prepared to say, 'Okay, I love you so much that I'm going to let you hit me again, seeing as you enjoy it so much,' do you know what will happen?

You are going to release such a power into the air, that when he tries to hit you something will block it. It will never reach you. You will release the power of love that will destroy that spirit of strife before it even begins to move.

Love is such a powerful weapon. It will help you to overcome fear. Supposing you are walking down the street and you see some people sitting in a house enjoying themselves. Would you be so bold as to walk into the house and say,

"I've come here to tell you that Jesus loves you and I want to tell you about the Lord?"

Some personal evangelists have that kind of courage. Most of us would not though.

But supposing as you walk down the street you see a fire in a house. The people are not aware of the fire because they are in another room. The roof is on fire. There is smoke coming out. They are just sitting enjoying themselves and do not even know about it.

You will run straight into the yard, knock on the window and say,

"Hey, do you know your house is on fire?"

Why? Because your care and concern overcame that fear. If you came home and found your house on fire and you knew that your wife and children were inside that house being burned to death, are you going to stand there and say,

"I wish I had an asbestos suit or something so I could go in there."

You are not even thinking about your life or about whether you would die. You are in there to get them out, because you love them and care for them.

You want to help them, and if you sacrifice your life in the process that is a small price to pay. You do not even think about the fear.

God so loved the world that He gave. When God said to Abraham, "I want you to take your only son Isaac and sacrifice him," there was a fear there that said,

"At last I have a son who will be my heir, and now I might have to lose him."

But Abraham loved God enough to act. And that love overcame the fear.

I can give you so many illustrations of how perfect love overcomes fear. God has given us the spirit of love and He has given us the ability to walk in love. He has given us the spirit of a sound mind.

You see the mind is the battlefield of Satan. It is there that it all happens. That is where all the images come from. Fear gets a hold of your thoughts, and all these things begin to tick over in your mind.

False Solutions

I want to quickly look at some false solutions that people use for fear.

Avoiding or Escaping

The first one is what we call 'playing ostrich'. You know they say that the ostrich sticks his head in the sand and thinks that nobody can see him. It is an expression we use. I do not know how true it is, but I guess there must be some truth to it.

A lot of people want to try and pretend the problem is not there by sticking their head in the sand. Instead of facing their fear they just avoid it, cover it over and pretend it is not there. Some people bypass their problem and ignore it.

They say, "Maybe when I am confronted with this fear I'll just divert it. I will go and get involved in something else, and maybe when I'm not looking it will go away."

You wish that would happen! Satan will not leave you alone.

Sometimes people overcome fear by getting diverted onto other issues. When they do that they avoid the problem. Then there are those who simply take one look, turn their backs and run.

But I want to tell you, if you want to run it is going to chase you and gain on you. It will eventually catch you.

Make Believe Worlds

How do people do this? They escape into a make believe world where nothing bad happens. That is like children sitting and playing games. They have make believe games and make believe friends.

They say, "Everything is great in my little make believe world. Nothing bad happens and nobody says nasty things. It's all wonderful."

We get into this realm where we are up in the clouds all the time, and we are no use to man or beast. If that does not work then we have to use something to help us get into that make believe world, and there is plenty available today.

That is why the drug trafficking is so big. It is why drugs and alcohol is such a major problem in this world, because people are turning to something that will dull their senses and put them into a make believe world where everything seems great.

You and all your friends are sitting at the pub. They are slapping each other on the back and telling you how wonderful you are.

You have probably seen it yourself. They are complete strangers when they walk in, and after they have had a few drinks everybody is friendly. The ugly barmaid also becomes a beauty queen. You are living in a fantasy.

You say, "Yeah, it's a wonderful life."

If it is not enough to have that once a day after work, you have to start having it in the middle of the day as well. You need to get into your little make believe world and escape the stress, so that you do not have to face the fear of reality.

These are false solutions. They do not solve the problem.

Mental Illness Tag

Then to try and help it along, you need someone to make it official. You need to go to some shrink who will declare you mentally ill and say,

"Shame, you poor thing. You shouldn't be working in the state you are. You cannot help this; you're a victim.

It is too fearful for you to get up and go and work. You should be lying at home being served. You should be getting pay from the Government to look after you. You can't help this."

So we get legal help on this one too. It helps us to escape the problems of life, so that we can continue in our make believe world.

Sometimes people even begin to fake it. Sometimes their make believe world becomes such a reality, that they find it difficult to come back into the real world again and they can legally be classed as mad. They walk around talking to themselves.

If you talk back to yourself you never answer nastily. I would rather talk to myself. At least I can say nice things then. Nobody says anything nasty to me when I talk to myself. These are all methods that people use to escape fear.

Faith, Hope and Love to Overcome

You need to apply the truth. It is going to take faith, hope and love to overcome fear. Fear has to be cast out. Then faith, hope and love need to be put back in its place.

Faith will come as you fill yourself with God's Word. You need to believe what He says, instead of believing what the enemy and what the world have to say.

Hope will allow you to build the right pictures in your mind. This will not be like a fantasy world, but a clear picture, based on the Word of God which says,

"I don't care the way that Satan says it."

What is the first thing that comes into your mind when you get a pain?

"Oh here it is; it's my heart. I can see me lying there in the hospital. I can see the drip on the side and the heart machine going beep, beep, beep there."

You watch too much TV, and your mind is filled with what Satan has programmed into you. And you know what? You are going to create the very thing that you are fearing, because you are believing more in your fear than you are in God and His Word.

Build the right pictures in your mind and give faith something to work with. Build the right templates. Get into action in love. You can do all things.

How to Remove the Fear

There are practical ways of casting out fear, and I am going to deal with this here. Fear attacks your mind, and one of the greatest mistakes that people make is they try to fight the thoughts of fear in their minds.

You cannot fight thoughts with thoughts because they are coming at you. They are coming up out of your memory and from without, as the spirit of fear is attacking your mind and putting pictures into it.

You cannot overcome thoughts with other thoughts. It does not work. What you can do is set your will and make a choice. When the thoughts begin to come, I like to pull the plug on the devil.

He might come and say to me,

"You're going to get sick."

I say, "Is that the worst you can do? Just sick?"

"You will end up in hospital."

"Is that so? Just the hospital?"

"You're going to suffer in pain."

"Oh yeah? Lots of pain?"

I see him becoming confused already.

He says, "You will become paralyzed for the rest of your life."

"You mean I'm still going to live?"

"You're going to die."

"That's wonderful, I will be with the Lord earlier than I expected."

Face it

Prepare for worst case scenarios. Prepare for the worst possible thing that can happen, take your stand in the Lord and be ready for it to take place if it should happen.

Satan has shot his biggest shot and it is your turn next. He has no more bullets left. You just made him fire his whole six-gun and it is empty now. Then you say, "Okay now it's my turn," and you pull out your bazooka.

You see we sit and fight him, and he keeps pulling the trigger and throwing more fear at us. We are afraid to face that fear, so we try and avoid it then he hits us somewhere else. Take your fear and face it right on and say,

"Okay, give it to me. Come on, shoot your biggest shot, because the Scripture says, When I am weak, that's when I'm strong. So come on, give me the weakness. Give me the worst.

Is that the best you can do devil? Give me some more. Come on, surely you can do worse than that?"

You know how the matador kills the bull? He gets him to keep on coming. He says,

"Come on bull."

The bull says, "I'm going to run into you and gore you through."

"Come on. Come on; do it."

The bull comes charging and the matador simply sidesteps. The bull comes again and says,

"I'm going to kill you!"

The matador says,

"Come on bull, come and kill me."

You need to do the devil that way. If he wants to attack your mind, help him along.

Do not fight the thoughts. Encourage them. You probably think that is real heresy here. Take the thoughts and let them go in one side and out the other, because if you fight them he will just hit you all the harder.

You just visualize the worst that can happen, then you stand up and say,

"Now I'm ready."

Express Your Fears

Something that is very important is that you do not hide your fears within. You must express them. A lot of people are afraid to express their fears, for fear that if they express them it might really happen.

So perhaps you are lying there and having pains in your chest and you keep thinking,

"I wonder if I have a heart problem. I wonder if I'm going to have a heart attack and die."

You have pains in your breast and you are wondering whether maybe there is cancer there. But you are afraid to go and see the doctor in case he confirms that it really is the case.

You are hiding it within and fighting it and fighting it. Express your fears and bring them out into the open so that they can be shown to be what they really are, because once they are expressed they can be dealt with. They have come into this world and they become tangible.

Inner Healing of Memories

Then you need to meditate on God's promises, fill yourself with the Word, and see it from God's point of view.

Deal with past experiences. You may be in a situation where you are in bondage to bitterness and hurts of the past. You might be under a law of judgment, because the Scripture says,

Judge not and you will not be judged.

Deal with that judgment and bitterness and express forgiveness. Get rid of it and clear your heart.

There is a ministry of inner healing, by which the Spirit of God will go back into the bad memories of the past. If you had a bad experience of say being attacked by dogs, God can go into that memory, heal it and take the fearful content out of it so that you do not have that fear anymore.

God can and will remove it. He did that with me when I feared death. He showed me, way back in my childhood, that a bad experience was there that caused me to have a fear of death for all my life which I did not understand.

As I let Him go in, He shone the light into that dark memory and He took the sting out of it. And no longer did I fear death. He took it out of me instantly.

So many of your fears are based on bad experiences of the past. But the Holy Spirit can go in there, and in a matter of seconds He can take it out.

You can give it to the Lord yourself. You can let Him reveal the memory to you, and you can give Him that memory. Or He can reveal to you the period of your life when it occurred.

You can ask Him to shine His light into that dark memory that you have perhaps hidden away and suppressed, so that you do not even remember it anymore.

You might be afraid to go back there, because if you go back there you will once again be filled with fear, and you are afraid to face it again. He can shine His light so that you can go back with confidence and face that memory as though you were living it again, and it will not bother you.

Remove All Curses

Deal with curses, especially those you created yourself. You could have done this by the words that you spoke, by the sin that you committed, and by the way you became involved in things that you should not have been involved in.

Deal with curses that come from a contamination from other people. Do this by breaking spiritual links with people you meet that have brought a curse into your life.

Also deal with curses that are brought by objects coming into your home by getting rid of them, and you will break the power of fear in your life.

I want to pray now that God will move on every single person who reads this, and will deliver them from the fears. God wants us to walk in blessing, and fear will open the door and steal every blessing that God has for you.

Don't ever believe that this is God's will. If you can deal with the fear you can walk in blessing. You can walk in faith, hope and love. You can walk free of fear, in joy, happiness and peace.

In Christ Jesus name you can face the world and every situation of life without being afraid anymore. You can, by the power of God, if you will just apply some of these basic principles and let the Spirit of God minister to you.

My Prayer

"Heavenly Father, in the name of Jesus - spirit of life, spirit of love and spirit of light – I ask you to come forth in power and anointing to set the captives free. I stand in the name which is above every other name, for the name of Jesus is above the name of fear.

The name of Jesus is above the name of cancer. The name of Jesus is against and above the name of poverty and lack. It is higher than the name of rejection, and the name of Jesus is higher than heart attack.

In the name of Jesus I speak to you, spirit of fear, that would bind God's people. I thank you Lord that you will set the captive free right now.

I come against every single phobia; every fear of snakes, spiders and dogs. I come against fear of mice and other creatures. In the name of Jesus I speak to that phobia, that fear, and I command it to leave.

In the name of Jesus I speak to that fear of enclosed spaces. You claustrophobia, you are a demon. You are a spirit of fear, and you have no right in the life of God's children.

You spirit of claustrophobia I command you to loose your hold and to leave now. Thank you Jesus for shining your light. You are a liar Satan. You cannot tell the truth even if you tried."

Behold the Lord would say unto you,

You have believed a lie. And because you have believed a lie, therefore you have licensed the enemy in your life. You have believed that the lie was of me, but it was not me says the Lord.

It was not I who was the source of the destruction in your life, but it was the enemy. The enemy lied to you and told you that it was my dealings in your life.

He lied to you and said that it was I who caused you to suffer in this way, and you believed that lie. And when you believed that lie you closed the only door to blessing and hope that you had says the Lord.

But I was not the author of it. I am not the one who caused your problems. And as you reject that lie now that came from the Prince of Darkness, and as you believe my Word, you will believe my love and you will know that I love you with an everlasting love.

You will know that I love you greater than any parent could love any child, and that I would never cause harm to come upon you. I do not desire harm to come upon you and I do not desire you to suffer in any way says the Lord.

As you realize that truth of my Word and reject the lie of the enemy, his weapon will be taken away from him, and his power will be broken in your life.

You will be set free, and you will see a change in your circumstances says the Lord. You will see a change in your bodily health and in your relationships.

You will see a change in every area of your life, and you will begin to walk in my blessing as you have never known it before, because I desire to bless you abundantly says the Lord.

Yea, I don't just desire to provide your needs. I desire to bless you abundantly. I don't want to just give you enough. I want to give you an abundance. I don't want to just keep you going. I want to lift you up. I want to make you the head and not the tail. I want you to be above only and not beneath says the Lord.

You have believed the lie. And as you have believed the lie you have feared me. But you do not have to fear me, because I love you and I gave my life for you. And I will continue to give and give, for everything that I have is yours says the Lord."

"Lord Jesus, shine your light. Praise you Jesus. Shine your light and set the captives free. Every sickness and disease must flee now. Every spirit of infirmity must go. Every spirit of poverty and lack and every spirit of theft.

I come against you, you spirit of destruction that came in through that fear, and I put you in chains now. I bind you and I cast you out. I come against you, you spirit of theft that would try to steal the blessings of God, and I bind you up in the name of Jesus.

I come against you, you spirit of strife that has sought to bring division and unhappiness in that home. You spirit of strife that has sought to divide husband and wife, parents and children and relatives, I come against you in the name of Jesus.

I destroy your power and I speak harmony, unity and restoration to that home now. In the name of Jesus there will be reconciliation and the fear will leave.

Your light will shine once more in that family that you chose and that you plan to use. It will shine on that couple that you have put together, and on whom you have a purpose.

I thank you for it Lord. Let your light shine now. Let your blessing be upon your people. We give you all the glory for it, Lord, for you alone are worthy. We love you Lord and we bless you. Amen."

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