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Where Fear Comes From

Satan and Sin - Sources of Fear

Where does fear come from? You will read about it right back in the Garden of Eden.

You will find that when God made man He pronounced everything as good. There was no fear. The animals did not eat each other. There was no harm and nobody hurt each other.

But you will see that right back in the Garden of Eden, immediately after Adam and Eve had sinned and disobeyed God, fear entered in. When God came walking in the Garden to look for them He said,

"Adam where are you?"

Adam was hiding because he was full of fear. The moment he said to God, "I was afraid and hid," God said,

"You ate the fruit didn't you?"

There had been no fear before then. Satan is the author of fear, and fear entered this world through sin. Today Satan and sin are still the sources of fear. Hebrews 2:14 and 15 says this.

So then as the children are partakers of flesh and blood, he also himself likewise took part of the same; that through death he might destroy him that had the power of death, that is, the devil;
And deliver them who through fear of death were all their lifetime subject to bondage.

Jesus came to set us free from fear.

Steals Your Blessing

I would like to clear something up right now. Fear starts from failing to see things from God's perspective. It was originally meant to be something positive, not negative. In Proverbs 1:7 we read this.

The fear of the LORD [Yahweh] [is] the start of knowledge: [but] fools despise wisdom and instruction.

Fear was meant to be a reverential submission to the will of God, but Satan corrupted it and changed it into something evil. When God made the world and looked down on it, He pronounced everything as good.

There was no evil in the world. But do you know what it is that creates the greatest fear today? It is the very things that God created and called good.

Satan took those things that were designed to be a blessing. He twisted them, turned them around and used them against us, to steal from us the blessing that God intended them to be.

Fear will rob you of every blessing that God has in mind for you, because blessings come by faith. If you can take away a person's faith, you can stop them from entering into the blessing of God.

That is exactly what Satan is out to do. He is out to rob you of every single blessing that God has for you, and the only way he can do it is to negate your faith. He does that through fear, because fear will neutralize your faith.

Fear is based on and comes from the experiences of life. We have looked at some of that already. It comes from hurtful and negative experiences, for example guilt from failure, the fear and consequences of your sin and your failure.

Fear of God

The first thing Satan wants you to fear is God. This is not fear in a good sense, like a reverential fear that honors Him, bows to His will and submits to Him, but a fear that prevents you from coming to Him at all.

The fear of condemnation and guilt is probably the number one fear that Satan tries to inject into every one of us. God is portrayed as a mean ogre with a big stick. Any natural disaster that takes place is classed as an 'act of God'. That is a legal term used in insurance policies.

An act of God is something like an earthquake, hurricane or anything that is destructive. This is because people say,

"God's a bad guy. He does these kinds of things. God makes little babies die. He makes people suffer and takes away life. God causes women to be abused. It's all His fault. You must be afraid of God. He's a nasty. You'd better keep out of His way."

But God is the source of all blessing. We looked at that and considered it in The New Way of Blessing. We saw that God is the source of all blessing.

Satan does not want you to be blessed. He will keep you away from it. So the fear of condemnation and the fear of sin is one of the main fears we have.

We experience that all the time don't we? We miss it all the time. We sin all the time, we fail all the time, and we continually break God's commandments.

Early Fearful Experiences

The experiences of life that cause the major problems are experiences that are caused during the formative years. This is the period during which those inner templates that regulate our behavior are formed. We have covered that as we looked at templates and triggers.

There are three major areas. Firstly it takes place in the womb as the child is being formed. Next it happens in early childhood, as the first templates are being placed there under the mother's control.

And finally it takes place during puberty and adolescence, as the final templates of life are being put into place. This should preferably take place under the father's control, according to God's order.

Any bad experiences that occur during those periods get sealed in there along with the templates. They can be with you for the rest of your life and you learn to live with them. Because you see a lot of the time you do not even remember where they came in.

They are sealed in there and they become part and parcel of the fibre of your character. You have grown to live with them and just accept them. You accept that it is your lot in life.

We have had bad experiences with the creation, such as hurtful experiences from animals.

Perhaps when you were much younger you were attacked by a vicious dog. Now you are terrified of dogs, especially stray ones. You do not want to come near them. Maybe you are afraid of certain breeds of dog.

Perhaps you were bitten by some creature and you are afraid because of the bad experience that you had. You are afraid of God's creation.

Perhaps you have had hurtful natural creation experiences such as drowning. Maybe you fell into water at one stage, nearly drowned and came out blue. Now you have a fear of water.

You may have nearly suffocated at one stage and you have a fear of closed spaces. Perhaps you fell into a hole or fell off a cliff and broke your arm, and now you have a fear of climbing.

The list can go on and on. They are bad experiences in life that leave us full of fear.

Fearful Words

Then there are the words of others who say things like,

"If you're naughty, the boogie man's going to come and get you."

We are so stupid as parents aren't we? We say,

"Watch out for the boogie man."

Then we watch the little kid tremble in fear and terror and we laugh about it.

We say, "If you don't eat up all your food, the boogie man will come and get you."

Who is the boogie man? I do not know, but he must be terrifying because everybody is scared of him. He is a nasty person. When you grow up you see some of the horror movies and you identify with the boogie man, because for sure he is in the movie somewhere.

He is going to come and grab you at any moment. It is fear that has been built into people through the words of others.

I remember my parents telling me that if I swallow grape pips a grapevine would grow in my stomach. Have you ever heard that? I accidentally swallowed some the one day and I was terrified. Then they said,

"Ha ha, it was just a joke."

A child takes you seriously though. That is why the Scripture says we must become as little children. We say to them,

"If you do this, then that will happen to you."

"Don't go kissing any guys. You'll fall pregnant. Don't let them touch you. The moment they do that you'll fall pregnant and you will be in trouble."

There are so many stories that are sowed into the hearts of young minds that cause fear. So much fear is being created.

Women are afraid of getting married because their mother had a bad marriage experience. She hated sex and said,

"Sex is something to be feared. It is terrifying. It is something you will have to endure, but it is horrible."

You could make up your own list. Think about all the things that you are afraid of. You will find that in virtually ever case, it will be based either on a bad experience you had or a bad experience somebody else had that they told you about.

Bad News

Just to make sure that we keep up to date and do not lose our fears, we get it pushed out every day on radio and TV. Just switch on your TV and listen to today's news.

Just listen to how many people were raped, mugged, murdered and had their goods stolen. Go and listen to it and see how it inspires your faith. The news is loaded with fear. Eventually you are afraid to even go out of your house to go to the local shops.

When we lived in Mexico people would often say things like,

"There's no ways I'm going down to Mexico. They will just grab me and throw me in jail. I've heard they are terrible down there. The jails are like prison camps."

While we were there, a lot of people were afraid to come and visit us because of all the stories they had heard. I do not doubt there were some bad things that happened.

I was afraid to go into America because I heard how bad they were there. The crime rate was so high, I would not dare go into one of the cities like New York or Chicago. I would probably not come out alive.

People have seen and heard all the stories that have been going on in primitive Africa, where everybody is killing each other all the time.

Yes it happens, but people live there and they survive. But we all like to major on the bad news don't we? You can take the news on any single city or country in the world. There will be the bad news and it always sounds worse in the news.

People will write to you and say,

"Man, we heard things were really bad there. We heard you people have been having terrible weather and floods. Are you okay?"

It is always highly magnified, and if it is not really bad it is not news and they do not publish it. You never hear the good news. You never hear what happens from day to day.

You do not hear 90 percent of the good stuff. You just get this little percentage of the bad stuff and your mind gets programmed with fear.

Satan the Willing Helper

Then there is always someone to help that fear along. He is the enemy of our souls, and he wants you to get as full of fear as he can possibly get you.

Do you know how many demons he has allocated to create fear? If you want to come against demon forces and desire to discern them, you do not want to have the gift of discerning of spirits.

Let me give you one that you can hit every time. Just come against the spirit of fear and you will find one there.

Throw a stone at a pack of dogs, and you will hit the fear one every time. It will be there, because it is Satan's greatest weapon against the child of God.

It is Satan's greatest weapon against God's creation, humanity, who was made in God's image and was made to be a blessing. He was made to worship and love God. But Satan does not want man being blessed, because man has taken his place.

Man was given something that he could not have. He was given access to the Tree of Life and to heaven, and he wanted to make sure that no man ever received that.

The Curse

Fear comes from the curse, and this is a subtle one. This is one that most people miss. We read way back in the Old Testament when the children of Israel were going into the Promised Land to conquer it, how God raised them up and made them mighty warriors.

They would go and conquer the enemy and rout them. They even conquered the city of Jericho with all its walls by walking around it.

Do you know who had the fear? It was the enemy. They were terrified when they saw Israel coming. After they had conquered Jericho they came to a puny little city called Ai. This city was so insignificant that they said,

"We don't even need to send in the army. Just take a little platoon, send them out and we'll wipe them. Just a little band of men is all we need. I mean the way we've been fighting, just a handful of guys will do the job. It's just a stupid little city."

What they did not know is that Joshua had said this to the people when they went into Jericho.

"Don't you touch any cursed materials. Don't touch the property of these people, because these people are under a curse. If you take their possessions you will come under that same curse, and you will bring a curse into the camp."

We know the story of Achan, how he went and stole some of the materials, some clothing, a bit of gold and various other things and hid them in his tent.

After this time the Israelites went out to conquer Ai, and as they arrived there guess what happened? Suddenly fear took hold of them. These were mighty warriors who had conquered enemy after enemy, mightier than these silly little men in the city of Ai.

Just as they went there and were about to fight, suddenly they became terrified and they turned and ran. They were cowards!

They could not understand it. They had never been afraid before. They tried to attack but suddenly fear gripped them. It did not make sense. Where did it come from?

Perhaps you are facing a situation like that. You have handled things fine up until now.

Perhaps you have been strong in the Lord and strong in faith. Perhaps you have waged much battle and warfare in the heavenlies, even against the spirits of darkness. Now suddenly a fear gets a hold of you - an irrational, stupid, childish fear that does not make sense.

Find the Source

You might say, "I've handled worse than this before, but suddenly I can't take it. We've handled worse financial lack than this before, but suddenly I'm terrified that the money is not going to come in.

I've handled worse physical attack than this before and I trusted God for healing, but now I'm afraid that I will die. What has happened? Where did it come from?"

Joshua went and fell on his face before the Lord and said,

"What's going on? Hey Lord, I'm afraid to admit I am even part of these people. They became afraid in battle and turned and ran. Lord these are Israelites. They don't do that!"

God said to Joshua,

"There is a curse in the camp."

They had to single out Achan. They pulled him out, with his family and everything he owned, and destroy them.

Was it cruel? Why did his wife and kids have to be destroyed too? It was because they had become so contaminated with that curse that it was the only way they could get rid of it.

They had to stone them to death. They had to take all of their property and burn it to get rid of that curse. Only then was the power broken. Then they could go and they could defeat Ai easily without a problem.

The Spirit of Fear

A curse will firstly bring into your life a spirit of fear. One of the first signs or manifestations of a curse is the presence of fear, particularly when that fear is something that was not there before.

Watch out for it. Look out for a sudden fear that you have never experienced before and say,

"Hold it, where is this coming from?"

It is coming from a spirit of fear, from an attack of Satan. Satan cannot just walk in and attack you any time he likes though. He has to have an open door. He has to have a license, and he has been given that license through a curse that you picked up.

As that open door to fear is given to him through the curse, he will walk in with three other evil spirits that will begin to affect you. They are the spirit of destruction, the spirit of loss or theft, and the spirit of strife.

You will immediately begin to experience these in your life. You will experience destruction, where things start going wrong and breaking or you have ill health.

You will start losing things, whether it be by theft, whether it be lost opportunities, or whether it be lost relationships.

There will be strife and conflict that suddenly comes out of nowhere. It is an open door created by the curse. The open door is fear, and you have to close that door.

I am not going to go into it in detail here, because we have dealt with that in The New Way of Blessing Part 1 and Operating in Prophetic Office.

We have dealt with curses, and you need to know how to handle them, but fear and a curse are intricately related together. Do you see why Satan wants you to fear? It is because when you fear, the door is open for him to come and steal and destroy everything you have.

He has license to come in and take away your peace, your harmony and your love, and to take away the blessing of the Lord in your life. He tries to make your life so miserable that it is not worth living. All this happens because of fear.

Are you still thinking that fear is just a little thing? Are you still thinking that it is something insignificant that you just have to live with?

You had better deal with that fear in your life, because until you deal with it, Satan will have carte blanche to destroy you. You need to know the truth. Fear does not come from God. The Scripture says,

God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.

God has given us a spirit of dunamis power power. We can overcome anything in the world and the weakness of our flesh. We can overcome anything that Satan throws at us.

God is bigger than the boogie man! He is bigger and more powerful than anything else that you fear. He is more powerful than cancer, sickness and disease and heart attack.

He is greater than the spirit of death, and greater than pain and suffering, lack and poverty, and humiliation. He is greater than anything you can ever fear. He is bigger and stronger than the bully

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