Releasing Blessing By Blocking Curses Chapter 1 of 24

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Identifying Existing Curses

PART 03 - Practical Projects

Identify When the Symptoms of the Curse Began

Condition 1

When the Curse Began

You cannot remember a time when it wasn't there. It seems you have had this curse all your life.

Things to Look For

Family generations

Make a list of problems that are common amongst members of your family, i.e. father, mother, sisters and brothers.


Condition 2

When the Curse Began

You cannot remember when it started. It has been there for a while.

Things to Look For

1. Possessions, family heirlooms, antiques, second hand objects, sentimental objects, gifts etc.

Go through your home and make a list of items that might be suspect.

2. Personal occult sin from the past

Any involvement in the occult or contact with the supernatural outside of God is a violation of the commandment to have no other gods.

Make a list of all occult involvements that you have not specifically prayed about and renounced verbally. This includes fortune tellers, spiritualism, ouija boards, glassy glassy, horoscopes, etc

3. Intimate friendships or associations

Make a list of everyone whom you consider a close friend.


Condition 3

When the Curse Began

It started only recently.

Things to Look For

1. Objects recently brought into the home or bedroom

Sometimes you might find that in certain rooms of the house you feel irritable and edgy. You are also prone to strife in those rooms.

This could indicate an object in that room that is bringing a curse. If you feel restless in your bedroom, cannot sleep or start having nightmares, then look for new objects that were brought into your room.

2. Recent communications with others

In person

Make a list of people you met recently, especially new people or people that you have not seen in a while.

By written letter or email

List any letters or cards you have received in the mail. Also list any emails from new people, or people that you have not heard from in a while.

By telephone

Who have you spoken to on the phone recently? Look especially for people that you do not normally hear from.

Through reading of books, magazines or web pages

Have you read any new books or magazines lately? Include Christian publications in this list, as even these can at times contain certain curses.

Recent altercations with someone where the anger is still present

Did you have an argument or conflict with someone recently and you are still hurting or angry from it?

Memories from the past resurfacing

Have you been finding yourself thinking of someone or of a particular situation from your past, for no particular reason? Look for memories that still have a negative emotion.

Deal With Each Situation Differently

Situation 1

Reason for the Curse

Personal failure.

Things to Look For

1. Violations of Exodus 20 - having other gods, i.e. occult involvement

You must apply James 4:7 and both confess and renounce all involvements. See the explanation on renouncing occult involvement for details on how to do this.

2. Look for the Law of Judgment

Make a list of all people that you have made a judgment against, starting with parents, immediate family members and others. Repent and renounce each Law of Judgment separately.

See the explanation on The Law of Judgment for details on how to do this.


Situation 2

Reason for the Curse

Objects that are idols

Things to Look For

1. Where the object holds sentimental value

You have only two choices here. Either you must sacrifice this object and give up your sentiment, or you must get rid of it completely. Since it is not an idol by design, you may give it away to someone else.

See the explanation on Sentimental Objects and Family Heirlooms for details on how to do this.

2. Where the object belongs to someone else

You cannot get rid of it since it does not belong to you, therefore begin by taking it out of your house. If you cannot transfer it to someone else's house, then put it in the garage or a room that you do not use, preferably as far away from you as possible.

3. Where the object is an idol

Examples of these are crosses and crucifixes, hexapoints, pentagrams, St Christophers, Buddha, Virgin Mary, Saints and other religious objects.

This is an object that is designed to be an idol. It contains an evil presence so you cannot give it away. You must get rid of it and you should destroy it completely if possible. Dump it in the garbage, throw it in the sea, or bury it somewhere.

4. Where the object is simply contaminated because it has belonged to or been used by someone who is under a curse

You can pray over the object and purge the curse out of it. See the explanation on Cursed Objects for more details on this.

5. Communications from others in the form of writing, audio recording, etc.

Record any necessary information that you need to keep, such as addresses in letters, etc., then destroy it or dump it.

6. Worldly books, magazines, newspapers, etc.

Get them out of your house as quickly as possible. If possible, destroy them where you are sure that they are contaminated.


Situation 3

Reason for the Curse


Things to Look For

1. Where you have made contact with someone and picked up their curse

You must break all spiritual links with that person and renounce their curse. See the explanation on Breaking Spiritual Links for more details on how to do this.

a) Where this is a family member, do it daily, or whenever contact has been made.

b) Where you are aware of someone having something against you, deal with it. Look out for bitterness.

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