Prophetic Word 2021

by Apostle Les D. Crause

I asked the Lord for direction concerning His plans for the year ahead for me to share with God’s people. Something that would encourage them and help them to prepare themselves for the road that lies ahead. Below is the very clear word that He gave to me.

I share it humbly with you, not as My word or ideas, but the very heart of God at this time. May it cause you to take note and make the needed changes to enter into all that He has for you in the year ahead.

The Word of the Lord For 2021

I do indeed have a plan for My Church, says the Lord, and if they would listen to My voice, and if they would take the time to wait on me, they would know which direction to go, and they would not be confused, and they would not be moved by what they see with their natural eyes.

I have not forsaken My people, and I have not left them in the hands of the enemy so that he can destroy them. But I have a plan to deliver My people from the evil, and from the power of the system of this world, even as many years ago I had a plan to bring My people out of Egypt.

However, My people have been too busy with the activities of this world to hear My voice. Therefore they have not been prepared when the enemy has come in like a flood, and has overwhelmed them. For they were too busy with other things, instead of being preoccupied with building My Kingdom and putting My Kingdom first.

Therefore you must encourage them, and warn them, and motivate them at this time. To rise up now, and to take what I have given them, and to use what I have given them, and overcome this onslaught of evil in order to build My Church in the days that lie ahead.

For the enemy has launched his attack, and he has held nothing back. He has unleashed on this world everything that he has, and his main target has not been the unbelievers, though they are affected; his main target has been the Body of Christ. Therefore it is important that My people understand what they need to do right now, in order to combat this evil that the enemy has spewed out upon them, and they need to know how to rise up and to overcome.

Coming Into Unity

The only way that this can be accomplished is when My people come into agreement and come into unity. I have said that it only takes two or three to stand in full agreement in My Name, and I shall be there in the midst of them to make up the difference.

But My people instead have been separated and divided; each of them competing with one another and being in conflict with one another instead of standing in unity. For as each has followed their own agenda instead of My agenda, they have failed to maintain the unity of spirit that is needed in order for My power to be released in their midst to combat and overcome this evil.

This is why it has become necessary for me to allow the existing system of this world, that has permeated My church, to be destroyed and to be removed from My body.

For while My people follow the systems of this world, and seek to build their empires, and exalt themselves, and make a name for themselves, they are no different to those who in time past, decided to build the tower of Babel and to make a name for themselves.

At that time I had to intervene, and I confused their languages, and I caused them to be separated. And I did this for a reason; I did it so that the huge group who was standing in one heart and one mind, would be divided into multiple smaller groups who could still be in one heart and in one mind.

And now each language group became separate, and each one had a different goal and a plan, rather than the entire nations of the world standing together with one goal and purpose.

For the world seeks to bring that kind of unity, and the nations of this world have set plans in place to bring that same kind of unity, to unite the nations of the world together. And ultimately they are coming under the influence of the god of this world and are not coming under My influence.

And when My church follows the same pattern, they err by going astray and missing My purpose for them. For they have become so wrapped up in the ways of this world, that they have taken their eyes off me, and they have allowed the enemy to infiltrate the camp.

The Tower Of Babel Repeated

Now therefore there has had to be a repeat of the Tower of Babel and I have allowed the enemy to come in and to scatter the flock as it were, and there is a reason for this says the Lord. For this reason I did not forewarn My prophets and those who stand in leadership.

Because many of these same people are the ones who have been making these errors and have already been leading the people astray. And I did not warn My true prophets in secret either to speak against this thing and to prevent it from taking place. Because it has become necessary for me to scatter My people once again in order to bring them to order says the Lord.

Now therefore do not look with fear at what the enemy is doing, and do not allow yourself to be overwhelmed. For I have not forsaken My people, and I am still there to watch over you and to cover you and to protect you. But until you let go of your old visions; until you let go of the world system that has so saturated your thinking, I cannot work through you because your unity is based on the wrong thing.

Creating Unity

Therefore come to order now My people says the Lord, and begin to gather together starting with two or three; starting with small groups. For it is much easier to bring total unity of spirit in a small group than it is to bring such unity in a large group.

And as My people begin to come together now in full unity, in one heart, and one soul, and one mind and one vision only. Not to build their own empires in this world, according to the world system, but to build My kingdom, and My kingdom alone says the Lord.

Did I not say that if you seek first My Kingdom and My right way of doing things, that I shall withhold nothing from you, says the Lord? Now therefore let go of your big worldly visions, and concentrate on My Kingdom, and hear My voice, and know that I have a plan for you; for each and every one of you. And My plan for you is unique and special.

For Every Believer Not Just Leaders

Therefore instead of looking to great leaders who appear to be anointed, and have great wisdom, you must realize that I am ready to place My great anointing and My wisdom in every single member of My Body.

And if you would just make yourself available to me, says the Lord, I shall anoint you with My power; I shall manifest My wisdom through you, and I shall raise you up in this world, and I shall cause you to bring a change in this world. And you shall find your place and you shall know that I have a place for each and every one of My children.

Let go of your big vision of building the Tower of Babel, for this was not My plan back there, and it is not My plan even now says the Lord. My plan is for My people to spread into the earth and to spread My Word and My Gospel to every kindred tribe and tongue.  It is not meant to be a gathering Church, but it is meant to be, as it always was, a scattering Church.

And even as the early church made the same mistake of gathering together in Jerusalem and beginning to form something large, so I had to allow someone to go in and to scatter them. And indeed My servant Saul of Tarsus was such a person.

I had a plan for him, but before I could use him as the great apostle Paul, I had to allow him to attack My church and to cause a scattering to take place amongst them. To cause them to obey the command that I gave them originally.

I told them that they would receive power when My Spirit came upon them, and they would be My witnesses in Jerusalem; in all Judea and Samaria, and to the uttermost parts of the earth. But when the power came, they so enjoyed the power and the presence, and it led to such success, and such growth, and building, that they became complacent and did not follow through My original commandment to go out and to scatter.

But when the scattering took place, as a result of the persecution from Saul of Tarsus, believers went everywhere. And instead of only the leaders being the ones doing the work of the ministry, I began to use ordinary believers. And it took ordinary believers to build the church of Antioch of that time, which became even greater than the church in Jerusalem.

And from Antioch many began to go out, including Saul, who became Paul, and Barnabas, and many others. And so the Word began to spread throughout the land, from the church at Antioch rather than from the church at Jerusalem. And those at Jerusalem continued in their old plans; they continued to promote Judaism, and the old way of doing things.

But as a result of the scattering, and as the result of ordinary believers spreading the word and building a new church, so came out something brand new. So came out the gospel which would reach not only to the Jews but also to the Gentiles via the apostle to the Gentiles, the apostle Paul whom I had called.

A Scattering Is Taking Place

Now, therefore, says the Lord, there is a scattering taking place, and I am about to destroy the towers of Babel that have begun to form in My church. For they have caused a gathering to take place, and My people are not obeying My command to go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.

Instead they are gathering together and building edifices, and making a name for themselves. And they have become complacent, and they have become comfortable in their wealth, and their prosperity, and the popularity, and their fame.

Many of the leaders of these groups have become, not models for me, but models of the world. Men who have risen up and abused the opportunity, and abused their position, to promote sin, and to promote wickedness. To encourage people to follow the ways of wickedness, instead of the ways of righteousness that I require of My people.

Therefore the scattering has come says the Lord, and you must see, and you must know, and you must understand My purpose in permitting this to take place. For I do not willingly allow the enemy to attack and to destroy My people.

And even in the midst of this attack, My protection is over My people, those true believers who have committed themselves to me, and trusted in me. But My protection is not upon their Babels that they have tried to build. I have removed My protection from these plans of man, in order that the enemy may destroy them.

Therefore My people, instead of looking with fear on the future; instead of looking with fear on these fresh attacks from the enemy, you must take your loyalty that you have put in organizations, and in men and women of God, and in leaders, and you must move that loyalty to me and to me alone.

Formation of Smaller Groups

As you do this, I shall cover you and protect you, and I shall begin to gather you together in smaller groups, who can come together in full unity, in one heart, and one mind, and in one spirit.

And as each such group shall come into full unity, and it does not take a large group. It only takes two or three to form a local church, to stand in one heart and one mind. And where two shall agree together, it shall be done, and whatever they ask of Me shall be done, says the Lord.

And I will take the ordinary believers; the ordinary people ;those are being looked down on; those that could not fit into the big picture; those were ostracized because they didn’t have the qualities that great leaders were looking for to make themselves look good.

And these are the ones that I shall use says the Lord. For it is time for King Saul to be removed from the throne, and it is time for My Davids to rise up and take their place. I am not looking for great leaders, but I’m looking for those who have My heart, as My servant David did. 

You may have to gather together hidden away, as he did in the Cave of Adullam, before you can rise up in power. You may have to remain in obscurity, and unknown, and invisible first, before your time shall come.

Saul Must Go

But your time will come, says the Lord, and I will remove the Sauls of this world, and I shall remove their kingdoms, and I shall remove their organizations, and I shall shatter them, says the Lord. They shall be no more, and instead, I will begin to bring together My David’s, who have a heart for me, and want to build My kingdom, and are prepared to pay the price to receive My anointing, and My power, and My authority.

They shall not be men and women of repute; they shall not be visible to the public eye, but I shall know them, and I shall anoint them, and I shall use them to extend My kingdom into this earth.

And My kingdom will grow secretly; it will grow rapidly; it will spread into this world, until it overcomes the world system. Because it shall not be a visible system, the enemy shall not know what I am doing in My people. And he will not be able to use the world system to attack and to destroy My work anymore.

Therefore recognize the need for this says the Lord, and let go of your old visions for ministry, and for building ministries, and for building edifices, and for making a name for yourself. For these things are not acceptable to me, and I will tolerate them no longer.

A Church of Power

I want My church to rise up in power; I want to manifest My glory on every single believer, from the top leader, from those that I have elevated into a high positions of leadership, right down to the newest believer who has given their life to Me.

And I am raising up leaders who will no longer seek to make a name for themselves, or to build their own organizations, to make themselves secure. They will no longer abuse the opportunity, in order to get wealth for themselves says the Lord.

But I will bless every single believer, and I will bless those even who are working for me in secret, and are not visible in this world. And I shall bless them in abundance; I shall put My anointing and My power upon them; I shall bless them financially; I shall give them favor wherever they go.

Becoming Visible

All I require of you, says the Lord, is that you make yourself available to me. And as you make yourself available to me, I shall bring to you those who shall help you to move into the place of authority and power that I have destined for you.

And then you will rise up in My power, and in My glory, and I shall do amazing things as a result of your ministry, says the Lord. Though you may remain in obscurity for a season, it is impossible for you to continue in total obscurity.

For even as the son of man could not hide away because of the mighty works that he did, so you too shall become visible as a result of My anointing and power that is upon you.

The Right Motives

But you must not seek these things; you must not make this your motive and your reason for serving me, but your motive and your reason for serving me is because you love me with all your heart and soul and mind. And you love others, and want to bless them with what I have given you, says the Lord.

But as you walk humbly before me, and manifest My power to this world, I shall raise you up; I shall lift you up; I shall make you visible, and I shall draw many to you. As you continue to lift me up, and My anointing, and My power and, My word to the people, I shall indeed make you visible.

Did I not say that if I am lifted up, I shall draw everyone to Myself. Therefore as you lift me up, and I become visible through you says the Lord, you shall become like a magnet that will draw many. And you will not need to make any effort to do this, but it will take place naturally because you are standing in My power and My anointing.

Change Your Vision

Stand ready then My children, and get ready to make yourself available to me, says the Lord. And in the Year that lies ahead of you, take your eyes off what the enemy is doing; take your eyes off what the visible church has been trying to do, and put your eyes on me and on me alone. Make yourself available to me and commit yourself to preparing your heart, and your soul, and your mind, to be an instrument of My blessing that I may use.

And I will lead you into circumstances that will enable you to be equipped and to receive everything that you need. I shall bring across your path those whom I am raising up to equip you, by imparting to you what I have given to them, and to thus enable you to rise up in My power.

And as you learn to do this, you shall be released into this world, to go out and to spread My Word to the nations. To extend My kingdom, and this world shall be transformed, and shall be turned upside down, and inside out, and the right way up. Not because of the skills of mankind, but because of My anointing and My power says the Lord.

The Coming Storm

If you would like to read the word on The Coming Storm, it is available at the following web address:

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18 thoughts on “Prophetic Word 2021”

    1. Wow what a word from our Lord! I am encouraged and also led to make many changes that is not pleasing to the Lord. Thank you for sharing Apostle Les, we believers have a lot of work to do in 2021 and beyond.

    2. Praise God, I have read this word and I am I am standing in awe of God once again… Much confirmation I got, answers to questions that I had, change of thoughts I had and a brand new mindset I got from this word that the Lord has given me through my Dad Apostle Les.
      I thank God for all that He is going to do ín and through the body of Christ in this time.
      I am excited and expected.
      Amen amen for the word Dad.


      GOD JUST spoke to me.
      I am a New remnant. He’s kept telling me THIS and he told me he is sick and tired of the World church and how they take his people and use thumb up .Church HURT is from manipulation. Witch craft in the church. The Church offering is robing his people.
      They pastors prophets preachers. Need TO Stop primping the ANOINTING.

  1. Reading this has made me realign my priorities. Deep down in me I have made up my mind to pursue the things of the kingdom of God first and foremost. No more time for excuses

  2. What a powerful word Apostle! It speaks hope and also confirmation in what I have seen taking place. I’m looking forward to what God has next for us. I’m a willing vessel! Thank you Father!!! Amen!

  3. All I can say is WOW! Confirmation. I read it three times. Thank you Apostle.🤗💜

    Also, the Fear Of The Lord will return to His Body like in the days of Ananias and Saphira. Which usher into the church some other wonderful powers of God. It’s an exciting but scary time to be living in.

  4. I am blown away by the way God is speaking to His prophets in this hour! Thank you for this wonderful word. God bless you and Daphne in the coming year!

    1. Thanks again Apostle Les. This is a perfect message for the Body of Christ. I have read everything, and even about the coming storm. It is clear that for many years, the Church of God has been operating like the Tower of Babel, it is clear that most of us have been trying to make a name for ourselves, and God Almighty is calling us to order.
      It’s a set time for us to accept the change, and welcome the new way of doing things.
      Thanks Apostle for teaching, rebuking, and encouraging us to follow the the perfect plan rather than the system of this world.
      I pray that I make myself available to be used by the Lord, for this noble course.
      It is the set time for the future Church to be revealed according to the the scriptures.

    2. Thanks again Apostle Les. This is a perfect message for the Body of Christ. I have read everything, and even about the coming storm. It is clear that for many years, the Church of God has been operating like the Tower of Babel, it is clear that most of us have been trying to make a name for ourselves, and God Almighty is calling us to order.
      It’s a set time for us to accept the change, and welcome the new way of doing things.
      Thanks Apostle Les for teaching, rebuking, and encouraging us to follow through the perfect plan, rather than the system of this world.
      I pray that I make myself available to be used by the Lord, for this noble course.
      It is the set time for the future Church to be revealed according to the scriptures.

      Now it calls for a time of preparation, it calls for readiness to embrace the the true vision, and not only that, but also to run with it, it calls for humility and true repentance. It calls for self-examination, and for making ourselves available for service to the Lord in true humility.

  5. Father ! What a powerful prophetic vision !! Looking forward to be considered if possible?Regards from Andrew.

  6. I have read the prophetic word two times today and will continue to do several more times. I want to surrender to God and experience the power and anointing. God bless you Apostle Les. Will read the book you recommended as well.

  7. Dad, this is indeed a word for a season and for a reason. We are beyond despair because of the enemy to the point that we are toiling, living on the edge, forgotten who we are and Whose we are. Reading this message made me to stop, reflect, think, and just reach out in faith asking the Lord to count me in. If there be any work for the Lord, I do not want to be left behind but with all I am and have, want to be in forefront too. I am humbled and truly blessed, renewed hope and just being in the know, that He is God, in control always, forever faithful. I am enabled vessel to be visible for the Lord, only His power, anointing and glory is what I desire to do His work and not my agenda.

    May God Almighty keep you, make His face shine on you and bless you beyong measure. Where will I be right now at this hour, if the Lord hadn’t made you visible for His flock? Thank you Dad!

  8. What a wonderful word! The start of the End Times Church has begun and everyone is invited! The words,”Make yourself available to me and commit yourself to preparing your heart, and your soul, and your mind, to be an instrument of My blessing that I may use.” just leapt off the page at me. Jesus is so gracious and faithful.

  9. This is the particular word for this season. And a word is enough for the wise. My prayer is that God will enable The Body of Christ to build according to the pattern as made known in this prophetic word. Thank you Apostle Les for being an instrument to bring such a word.

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