Prayer Ministry

We Would Like to Pray For You and Help Minister to Your Need.

If you need special prayer for healing: spiritual, psychological, or physical.

If you need clarification and direction from the Lord concerning your ministry or life in general.

If you would like us to pray for you personally live on camera.

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Ministry Time Recorded Into Camera Each Week

Each week Les and Daphne Crause will make themselves available to minister to you by the Spirit. They will pray for you on camera at our headquarters and then publish the video online for viewing.

This way we can minister to you in a live way without the restrictions of time zones.

This is available to all registered members and Partners of Global Business Ministries. If you are not a member you can join freely using the following web address:

How To Submit Your Prayer Requests

You must be logged in to this website as a member or you will not get access to the request form. This helps us prevent spam posts and confirms who you are when you make a request.

All requests must be made for yourself personally. We cannot pray for someone else that you may request prayer for. The reason for this is that the Lord told us to only pray for those who specifically request prayer.

Jesus required two things of those He ministered to. He needed them to be specific about what they needed, and He needed them to believe that He was anointed to minister to them.

Please do not request prayer without being specific and do not come unless you have confidence in our ability to hear from God and minister to you.

Our prayer will be led by the Holy Spirit and will include prophetic revelation. We pray only as He tells us to and will not offer random prophetic words as many so-called Prophets do. We are here to minister in love, not prove our capability as prophets.

Please Note

We will not respond to prayer points or come to the Lord with your petitions, so please do not submit requests for your desires. To obtain these, you need to apply some clear principles which we have taught extensively in our published materials.

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