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Since the Lord called me to ministry some 50 years ago at the tender age of 20, I have tried to fulfill that calling faithfully and have never turned back from pushing ahead to the next stage in His plan for my life.

At first, all I could see was going to Bible School, qualifying to be a minister, and finding my place as a Pastor in a church. But this alone did not come easy, and I had to struggle for nearly 9 years before I was finally put into full-time ministry.

What followed was an unexpected journey that kept changing, as the Lord took me through many different avenues of preparation and training, far beyond my initial studies. Until I was not sure where the journey would lead.

But finally, in my early forties, the Lord began to focus things, as He brought me to the Apostolic Office and told me to train the Fivefold Ministry, while living in a foreign land. And the next 22 years resulted in the setting up of training schools for God’s leaders and the production of nearly 80 books covering most aspects of ministry and the spiritual life.

At a time when most folks are talking about retirement, I was planning to keep pushing on with this clear mandate from the Lord. But. then the Lord suddenly brought a major change to my direction. I went through an experience symbolized by an ancient principle known as the death of the Phoenix.

Suddenly everything went up in flames, and I was told to let go of my mandate and hand the task over to someone else. I thought the Lord was preparing me for the end of my life, and that my ministry time was over. But instead, He showed me that a new Phoenix would arise, far greater than the first.

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From Principles to Power

It took some time for me to finally grasp the fact that I was not to continue any longer teaching on the Fivefold Ministry or preparing the higher level leaders. But I was to move to a more practical ministry that would embrace the whole of the Body of Christ.

Instead of majoring on principles as a teacher, the Lord began to take me more and more into the supernatural, to experience His power in a way that I had never known it before. And now He showed me that I must not only develop this anointing, but to start imparting it to others.

The imparting of spiritual gifts was something that I had learned was to be done by an Apostle. But now the Lord showed me that there was far more than just spiritual gifts involved. There were specific manifestations of His power for specialized situations.


The Mantles of God

In training the Fivefold Ministry offices I had learned that sometimes we were to place a garment on a person once they qualified for office. And we always saw an apostle receiving a royal kingly robe. This was a garment carrying great authority, but I had never considered the concept of receiving a mantle of anointing which carried, not authority, but dynamic power.

I had learned and taught that both prophets and apostles could place someone into a ministry office, once they qualified, and give them the necessary implements needed for that office. But when it came to receiving an ability to perform miracles and move in God’s power, this worked differently.

The Lord had never allowed me to receive such a ministry from others, but He had also never given me such a ministry mantle personally. It was a whole new realm of learning, and I felt like I was starting again at ground level. This new mandate was so different to the previous one that I had to go back to the drawing board to learn how it works.

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The Picture Comes Together

I read all the books I could find written by those whom the Lord had used in the supernatural, including their autobiographies to see if I could learn how a person moved into this ministry. I dug again into the Scriptures to see what they taught on the subject.

And finally, I went through my own learning experiences as the Lord once again began to teach me directly in the Spirit, how this all worked. And finally, the pieces all started to come together.

And now we are finally ready to present to the Body of Christ, unique and original concepts and methods for those who desire to be used by Him in the supernatural.

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A Different Kind of Anointing

I had been aware of and taught for some time that there were two different kinds of anointing, which I called the Internal Anointing and the External Anointing. But now I realized that I had majored on the Internal Anointing for many years, and had never fully embraced the External Anointing.

I could flow easily in the vocal and revelation gifts, which can function through tapping into the Internal Anointing. But when it came to the power gifts, such as healing and miracles, something was lacking. Because these all operate entirely in the External Anointing.

So my first area of learning was understanding and experiencing a greater measure of the External Anointing. And in order to learn this, I had to move from my comfort zone of being a teacher and finding everything in the Word, to experiencing things in the supernatural realm, and relying more on the Holy Spirit alone.

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It Is Time

Having learned, and still continuing to learn and experience, the power of God practically, the Lord told me that I must now begin to share with the Body of Christ, everything that He has been teaching me.

I have started on this journey, and I would like to invite you now to walk the road that I have already walked, before joining me on this new road of discovery of the supernatural realm.

I believe that you will find it as exciting as I have and that you will be able to receive and function in God’s power in your ministry. As always I am ready and willing to impart all that He has given me. And as an Apostle, part of my mandate is to release these things to the Body of Christ and to impart them personally to those who come for ministry.

This website is dedicated to making this possible, and we will be able to do this, not only in person, but also internationally using online media and the amazing capabilities that are now available to us through modern electronics.

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Come And Join Us

I would like to invite you to come and join us as we ignite the Body of Christ with the power of God as never before. If you enroll as a free member with us, you will receive all of this freely.

And as we get to know you, the Lord will give us the opportunity to not only teach you these things but also impart to you the anointing and power that you will need to walk in this yourself. Click the link below to join us for an exciting journey into the realm of the Spirit.

In His Presence

Les D. Crause
Apostolic Father and Servant of Jesus

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