Create The Life You Desire

Mark 11:22 And Jesus answering said to them, Have faith in God.
23 Let me tell you something, Any person who says to this mountain, Be removed, and be thrown into the sea; and does not waver in doubt in his heart, but is fully persuaded that those things that he is saying are happening for him; he will have whatever he says.

24 Because of this I am telling you, No matter what you are asking for yourself, while you are praying, commit yourself to taking it, and it will happen. (GBMV)

You Have What You Say, You Get What You See.

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How To Greet One Another

I have noticed a trend amongst many believers today to greet one another with the Hebrew greeting ‘Shalom’.

This is a standard way of greeting amongst modern Jews and those who speak the Hebrew language, so it seems strange that this practice has now become a standard thing in the Body of Christ, and especially amongst English speaking people.

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Faith Is Not Difficult

Faith Is Not Difficult

If you are a believer then you know that faith is a very important thing in our daily lives. 

Most people can quote the definition of faith from Hebrews 11 – without faith it is impossible to please Him. 

And even though there is an entire movement based on faith, and so much teaching available on the subject, most of us still find it hard to have faith. 

But Faith Was Never Meant To Be Difficult

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What Is Your Sidetrack?

God has a very special purpose for your life. And if you are faithful in doing what He tells you to do, then you will be greatly blessed. He knows what is coming in the future, so He gives us things to do that He knows will bring blessing.

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Now You See Me

Welcome to my Video Blog page. Here you will be able to watch a regular (probably weekly) video, where I will be sharing a principle that will help you in your spiritual life and ministry.

Watch the video below for my introduction to this new feature.